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Stow-like designed for keeping dotfiles under version control, written in python

Project description

# stowage

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Stow-like designed for keeping dotfiles under version control, written in python

## Installation

Assuming Python's `pip` is installed (for Debian-based systems, this can be
installed with `sudo apt-get install python-pip`), stowage can be installed
directly from PyPI:

pip install stowage

Python versions 3.3+ (and 2.6+) are supported and tested against.

## Quick start

1. Setup your dotfiles repo (by default `stowage` assumes its at `~/dotfiles`,
but it could be anywhere)

mkdir ~/dotfiles
cd ~/dotfiles
git init

2. Create one or more dotfile 'packages'

# An example, making one for your .vimrc
# Notice that we can call it _vimrc instead of .vimrc, making it visible /
# easier to interact with
mkdir ~/dotfiles/vim
cp ~/.vimrc ~/dotfiles/vim/_vimrc
3. Activate `stowage`

stowage vim

Now, your `~/.vimrc` has been replaced by a symlink to the
`~/dotfiles/vim/_vimrc` file, enabling the `~/dotfiles` directory to be more
easily put into version control.

## Full usage

usage: stowage [-h] [-n] [-v] [-s SOURCE] [-d DESTINATION] [-b BACKUP] [-B]
[packages [packages ...]]

Symlink files recursively, good for dotfiles.

positional arguments:
packages one or more packages

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-n, --dryrun dryrun, just simulate
-v, --verbose increase output verbosity
-s SOURCE, --source SOURCE
stowage source directory
stowage destination directory
-b BACKUP, --backup BACKUP
stowage backup directory
-B, --skip-backup skip making backups

# Contributing

New features, tests, and bug fixes are welcome!

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