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A large-scale stress testing framework.

Project description

# Stresser

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Stresser is a large-scale stress testing framework consists of one
**Commander** (client) and an arbitrary number of **Soldiers** (servers).

By broadcasting a pre-defined **task**, the Commander can trigger all Soldiers
to generate workloads concurrently.

A task can be:

* [Sikuli]( - Great for tests based on GUI operations.
* script - e.g. `` on Unix-like systems or `batch.bat` on Windows.
* bin - Binary executables.

To generate more stress, just add more Soldiers.

## Installation

You can install Stresser by `pip`:

pip install stresser

## Quick Start

Once you've got Stresser installed, prepare configuration files for the
Commander and Soldiers. Then run `stress-commander` and `stress-soldier`

### Start Soldiers

A sample configuration file for Soldiers:

# The AMQP server for message broker
server =

# Path for Sikuli's runIDE.cmd
sikuli_cmd = C:\sikuli\runIDE.cmd
# Path for Shell (*nix systems only)
shell = /bin/zsh

Start listening tasks:

$ stress-soldier soldier.conf
[x] Soldier bd88148e-fa36-4017-ac5b-099ba83570fe is awaiting RPC requests

### Start the Commander

A sample configuration file (with a Sikuli task defined) for the Commander:

# The AMQP server for message broker
server =

# Task name
name = The First Task
# Task type, e.g. sikuli, script and bin.
type = sikuli
# URL for executable which will be downloaded by Soldiers
url =
# The number of Soldiers. Commander will stop when the specified number of
# results have got.
count = 32

Start broadcasting task:

$ stress-commander commander.conf
[x] Broadcasting task: 'The First Task'...

### Soldiers performing task

After the Commander broadcasting a task, Soldiers are wake up to download and
perform that task. You may see following messages on the Soldiers's console:

[x] Soldier bd88148e-fa36-4017-ac5b-099ba83570fe is awaiting RPC requests
[.] Discoverd task: 'The First Task'
[.] Downloading task executable from
[.] Running task: 'The First Task'
... (some outputs for task)
[.] Task: 'The First Task' is completed

### The Commander stops after all results from Soldiers are collected

On the Commander's console:

[.] Solider dfbe093d-54e0-4b6d-adb3-6935f3c6a31e took 0:12:02 to complete.
[.] Solider 1bcfb3e2-dd69-4957-ab6d-be91422c44f7 took 0:12:03 to complete.
... (skipped)
[.] Soldier bd88148e-fa36-4017-ac5b-099ba83570fe took 0:11:59 to complete.

The Commander will stop when the task is done on all Soldiers, but Soldiers are
still running, hence you can submit another task over and over again.

## Requirements

You only have to deploy a message broker which speaks

## Versioning
Stresser follows [Semantic Versioning](, both SemVer and

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