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Online productivity microcontainer.

Project description

Copyright 2009-2023 Thetaplane . com

Virtualizes python so that it is isolated and controlled in terms of resource usage per
registered user account, and all operations are tracked by time, generating computational
telemetry and executive management.

Intended Audiences

* System administrators who want to support protected user multitasking without system
management overhead.
* Web administrators who want to publish a CMS site with integrated real-time networking.
* Physical and computational scientific research. Python 3 users.

Legal and Operational Notes

This software makes use of cryptographic algorithms, designed to protect the user data
and the user, but may be restricted in jurisdictions that overrule their use.

Please research the full law regarding data and information security.



Unpack the skeletoncore.tar.gz directory and configure it for your application (the
location of the stuphos packages in your PYTHONPATH), then switch to that directory
and run it like this: ./runcore --headless &

Connect to it with a web browser.

Boot Procedure

An embedding core invokes the boot start and complete routines in the mud module to
initialize the bindings and runtime.

These things start up in the application, opening up all components and facilities.

* Registry is configured
* Site packages are loaded
* Event bridge module is constructed and initialized
* VM, system journal installed
* System package paths are installed
* Environment updated
* XMLRPC host started
* Management components
* Web Adapter Session Manager
* WSGI Webserver

* Facilities:
* AgentSystem and Elemental Interpreter

* Zones
* Commands
* Warmboot
* Engine Loop

Application & Core Architecture

The system uses a collection of components to build its application of managing objects.
One of the components is the 'registry' which names unique objects within the runtime,
and requires that it be installed during boot time (this is normally handled by the
boot procedure).

Other component package implementations are configured using the 'components.pth' file
for service implementations, external (third-party) server package installations, and
developmental modules.


With an extended license, the 'ph' package contains a virtual machine computational
core and database querying engine.

The 'stuphmud' package contains code previously released in ''stuphos-lite''.

Filesystem and Command-Line Configuration

-w --world-dir path
-z --zone-index --index string
-i --interactive bool
-a --async bool
-W --cascade --load-world bool
-C --config-file --config --game-config path
-g --debug count
-n --no-world bool
-p --port integer
-m --mud-package --mud string
-s --supreme bool
--admin-name string
--enter-game bool
-L --data-dir --lib-dir path
-v --verbose count
--headless --no-console bool

--blocking integer
--runpid bool

The configuration file has the following options:

config-dir = .
components: components.pth
traceback-relative: yes
log-uncaught-traceback: yes
logindent = 4
greetings: name prompt %w means whitespace
greeting-delay: 1.2
player-store-shelf = %(config-dir)s/.players.shelf
zone-config-file = .zone-modules.cfg
world-path = ../../lib/archive/lib/world
olc-world-path = ../../lib/archive/lib/world
zone-database: sqlite

embedded-webserver: yes
pentacle-service: no
session-adapter: yes
system-shell: no
subdaemon-manager: no
syslog-scanner: no

off: off
; certificate-path = server.pem

trust-localhost: yes
; trusted-domain:

rich-editor: yes
player-notebook: yes
wizard-gc: yes
checkpointing: no
native-traceback: yes ; no


path.1: ..\log\syslog*
patterns: etc\syslog-patterns.cfg

facility.billing: ph.emulation.billing.BillingCore

port = 2180
database = sqlite
sitemap = stuphos.webserver.project.urls
show-debug-page = admin
certificate-path = server.pem
software: phaseware
log-request: yes
<public ip address 1>
<hostname 1>
<hostname 2>
serving-path: folder-path

primary.type = pg-auth
primary.path = ../lib/db.conf ; username\npassword\n =
primary.port = 5432
sqlite.type = sqlite
sqlite.path = sqlite:webcore.db
sqlite.file-path = webcore.db

system-path.common: /workspace/library/packages/common

package.wrlc: op

database: sqlite

policy-rates-path = ../resources/rates.wmc

Web Interface Guide

The application is developed internally by programming principals, which require user
authentication. Programming documentation should be viewable within the online interface.

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

stuphos-2.0.12.tar.gz (500.7 kB view hashes)

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