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A simple tool that translates video subtitles

Project description

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Translate Video Subtitles

subtrs is a simple tool that translates subtitles from files.

The main idea came when using the YouTube auto-tool to translate my videos subtitles, I saw that the translation sucked.
So I decided to create this simple tool and translate my subtitles more successfully.



$ pip3 install subtrs --upgrade

Command line usage

Usage: subtrs [subtitles_file] [destination languages]

       Simple tool that trlanslates video subtitles

       Support subtitles files [*.sbv, *.vtt, *.srt]
       Destination languages [en,de,ru] etc.

Optional arguments:
       --color      View translated text with colour.
       --progress   Show progress bar.
  -l,  --languages  Show all supported languages.
  -v,  --version    Print the version and exit.
  -h,  --help       Show this message and exit.


$ subtrs el --progress
[1/1] Subtitles '' translate to greek
Processing |########                        | 27% - 24s

An example which create multiple subtitles files:

$ subtrs zh-cn,de,ru --color
[1/3] Subtitles '' translate to chinese

[en] << - Did you hear that?

[zh-cn] >> - 你听到了吗?

[en] << - Hear what?

[zh-cn] >> - 听到什么?

[en] << Are you sure this line is clean?

[zh-cn] >> 你确定这条线是干净的吗?

[en] << Yeah, of course I'm sure.

[zh-cn] >> 是的,我当然确定。

[en] << I better go.

[zh-cn] >> 我最好去。

[en] << - Freeze! Police!

[zh-cn] >> - 冻结!警察!

[en] << - Hands on your head!

[zh-cn] >> - 把手放在你的头上!

[en] <s><< Do it! Do</s> it now!

[zh-cn] >> 去做吧!现在做

This command should translate and create three different files, one with Chinese subtitles, one with German and one with Russia subtitles.

Project layout

├── LICENSE.txt
├── README.rst
├── bin
│   ├── __init.py__
│   └── subtrs
├── requirements.txt
└── subtrs

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