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A module for creating solar stl files

Project description

# sunimage2stl
A python package that turns 2D images of the Sun into 3D printable models in .stl file form.
I created this while interning at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
It is intended to create hemispherical 3D prints of the whole sun and flat 3D prints of specific features of the sun (ex. solar flares).
These are to be used for educational purposes, specifically for the visually impaired.
Currently, the full Sun Model is exclusively for XRT data while the partial sun model is for any png file.

## Getting Started
### Prerequisites
- os
- subprocess
- numpy
- matplotlib
- scipy
- skimage
- stl_tools
- numpy-stl
- imageio

### Installing
1. ```mkdir sunimage2stl```
2. ```cd sunimage2stl```
3. ```git clone``` OR Download
4. ```ls``` to make sure you see
5. ```python install```
6. go into a python window and ensure everything can be imported and is working properly by testing some examples

### Examples

#### Full Sun

The Full Sun aspect is entirely HINODE XRT data. A date should be given and then the program will find the nearest image.

All Full Sun Commands Start With:
date = '2014/05/16'
r = 460. #px

image, header, x, y, z = sunimage2stl.3DPlot.image_to_xyz_mesh(date, r=r, base_len=228.6, offset_x=0., offset_y=0.,
scale_factor_percent=0.25, minimum_intensity_threshold=0.45, buffer_zone=0., buffer_val=1.1,
buffer=True, exp=2.0, scale_bool=True, earth=True, interval=2., local=True, index=2, flat_base=False)
To Do any of the Following just add these lines:

3D Full Sun .stl File:
sunimage2stl.3DPlot.stl_mesh_maker(x, y, z, interval=1, fname='test1.stl')

3D Full Sun Movie:
sunimage2stl.3DPlot.make_movie(x, y, z, image, file='movie.gif', fps=30, st_ang=0, en_ang=360,
st_elev_ang=90, en_elev_ang=0, time=10)

3D Full Sun 3D Plot:
sunimage2stl.3DPlot.ThreeDPlot(x, y, z, image, stride=10, figx=10., figy=10., save=False, file='3d.png')

2D Full Sun .stl File:
sunimage2stl.3DPlot.image_to_flat_stl(date, scale=100., width=100., depth=100., height=20.)

#### Partial Sun

These require a .png file as the "file" input.
- An image should be chosen
- Cropped to the proper size
- Exported as a .png
- file is then set to the image name

2D Partial Sun .stl File:
file = '2012_04_16__17_38_56_12__SDO_AIA_AIA_304' #.png
sunimage2stl.ImagePlot.stl_file_maker(file, interval=2, threshold=0.35, fname='test.stl', gaussian=1)

2D Partial Sun Plot:
file = '2012_04_16__17_38_56_12__SDO_AIA_AIA_304' #.png
sunimage2stl.ImagePlot.TwoDPlot(file, save=False)
## Authors
Nathaniel Crosby

Project details

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