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Tokenizer POS-tagger and Dependency-parser for Classical Chinese

Project description

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Tokenizer, POS-Tagger and Dependency-Parser for Classical Chinese Texts (漢文/文言文) with spaCy, Transformers and SuPar.

Basic usage

>>> import suparkanbun
>>> nlp=suparkanbun.load()
>>> doc=nlp("不入虎穴不得虎子")
>>> print(type(doc))
<class 'spacy.tokens.doc.Doc'>
>>> print(suparkanbun.to_conllu(doc))
# text = 不入虎穴不得虎子
1			ADV	v,副詞,否定,無界	Polarity=Neg	2	advmod	_	Gloss=not|SpaceAfter=No
2			VERB	v,動詞,行為,移動	_	0	root	_	Gloss=enter|SpaceAfter=No
3			NOUN	n,名詞,主体,動物	_	4	nmod	_	Gloss=tiger|SpaceAfter=No
4			NOUN	n,名詞,固定物,地形	Case=Loc	2	obj	_	Gloss=cave|SpaceAfter=No
5			ADV	v,副詞,否定,無界	Polarity=Neg	6	advmod	_	Gloss=not|SpaceAfter=No
6			VERB	v,動詞,行為,得失	_	2	parataxis	_	Gloss=get|SpaceAfter=No
7			NOUN	n,名詞,主体,動物	_	8	nmod	_	Gloss=tiger|SpaceAfter=No
8			NOUN	n,名詞,,関係	_	6	obj	_	Gloss=child|SpaceAfter=No

>>> import deplacy
>>> deplacy.render(doc)
 ADV  <════╗   advmod
 VERB ═══╗═╝═╗ ROOT
 NOUN <     nmod
 NOUN ═╝<    obj
 ADV  <════╗  advmod
 VERB ═══╗═╝< parataxis
 NOUN <      nmod
 NOUN ═╝<     obj

suparkanbun.load() has two options suparkanbun.load(BERT="roberta-classical-chinese-base-char",Danku=False). With the option Danku=True the pipeline tries to segment sentences automatically. Available BERT options are:

Installation for Linux

pip3 install suparkanbun --user

Installation for Cygwin64

Make sure to get python37-devel python37-pip python37-cython python37-numpy python37-wheel gcc-g++ mingw64-x86_64-gcc-g++ git curl make cmake packages, and then:

curl -L | sh
pip3.7 install suparkanbun

Installation for Jupyter Notebook (Google Colaboratory)

!pip install suparkanbun 

Try notebook for Google Colaboratory.


Koichi Yasuoka (安岡孝一)


Koichi Yasuoka, Christian Wittern, Tomohiko Morioka, Takumi Ikeda, Naoki Yamazaki, Yoshihiro Nikaido, Shingo Suzuki, Shigeki Moro, Kazunori Fujita: Designing Universal Dependencies for Classical Chinese and Its Application, Journal of Information Processing Society of Japan, Vol.63, No.2 (February 2022), pp.355-363.

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