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A Supervisor event listener for Riemann

Project description

A Supervisor event listener for Riemann.


The psutil package uses C extensions, and installing the package from source or with a python package manager (such as pip) will require build tools. Alternatively, it can be installed from your distribution’s repositories (python-psutil on Debian and CentOS).

Supermann is developed and tested on Python 2.6. There are no plans to release it for Python 3, as Google’s protobuf library is only compatible with Python 2. However, the code is written to run on Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.


Supermann runs as a Supervisor event listener:

command=supermann localhost 5555

Run supermann –help for usage information.


The Protocol buffer definition can be rebuilt using the most recent version:

protoc --python_out=supermann/riemann/ riemann.proto

If supermann is used as a library, you will need to ensure that the log messages Supermann emits are handled. This can be done by either configuring the python logging module, calling supermann.command.configure_logging, or adding a null handler:

import logging

class NullHandler(logging.Handler):
    def emit(self, record):


Supermann should never send events with a nil host, and will always use the current hostname as the default host for events.


Supermann is licensed under the MIT Licence.

The protocol buffer definition is sourced from the Riemann Java client, which is licensed under the Apache Licence.


Supermann was written by Sam Clements, while working at DataSift.

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