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SuperProcessor: the perfect wrapper for

Project description


the perfect wrapper for


Write Shell commands in Python with ease. Simplify Scripting for All.


This module is meant to ease use of, minimizing and reducing all possible edge cases that are prone to come with use of traditional run().


None! This module relies on zero external dependencies, making use of only the builtin module subprocess.


Install either over Pypi with

pip3 install superprocessor

or over git-pip

pip3 install git+


This module is famous for the cmd function, which has a signature of

cmd(* args: str, ** kwargs) -> Tuple(stdout: str, stderr: Union[str, None])

As you can see, this function implements a Golang-style error handling, of returing both the std output and error of the command in the shell.

If no error is encountered, the second value of the returned tuple is of NoneType.

Importing and using the function is easy.

from superprocessor import cmd

cmd('mkdir -p ', NEW_DIR_P, \
'&& cd', NEW_DIR_P, \
'&& npm install')

See /examples for more use cases.

Since a tuple is returned, you have to unpack it for every call.

OUT = cmd(...)

OUT, ERR = cmd(...)

Although unrecommended, you might end up un-naming it

 out, _ = cmd(...)


Create wickedly easy configuration overrides for example:

# logging insightful clues to stdout
# default: False
cmd(..., log=True)
# or environment SUPER_LOGS=TRUE     

Happy Scripting :-)


Please reach out to us for anything at

Create issues, fork and request merge requests, and don't be a stranger.


This project is governed by the MIT License.

Copyright SamoCorp 2021.

All Rights Reserved.

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