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A Control System for Distributed Applications

Project description


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Supvisors is a Control System for Distributed Applications, based on multiple instances of Supervisor running over multiple nodes.

The main features are:

  • a new web-based dashboard that replaces the default dashboard of Supervisor and allows to control all the Supervisor instances declared,
  • an extended XML-RPC API to control applications and processes over the multiple Supervisor instances,
  • a notification interface to get the events from multiple Supervisor instances on a websocket or on a PyZmq socket.

A set of application and program rules can be added to manage:

  • the starting sequence of the applications,
  • the stopping sequence of the applications,
  • the starting strategy of the processes,
  • the strategy to apply when a process crashes or when a node shut down,
  • the strategy to apply when conflicts are detected.

The Supervisor program supervisorctl has been extended to include the additional XML-RPC API.

Also provided in the scope of this project:

  • a JAVA client with a full implementation of the Supervisor and Supvisors XML-RPC API ;
  • a Flask-RESTX application that exposes the Supervisor and Supvisors XML-RPC API through a REST API.

Image of Supvisors' Dashboard

Supervisor Enhancements

Supvisors proposes a contribution to the following Supervisor issues:

Supported Platforms

Supvisors has been tested and is known to run on Linux (Rocky 8.5, RedHat 8.2 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS). It will likely work fine on most UNIX systems.

Supvisors will not run at all under any version of Windows.

Supvisors >= 0.2 works with Python 3.6 or later.

Supvisors 0.1 (available on PyPi) works with Python 2.7 (and former versions of Supervisor, i.e. 3.3.0) but is not maintained anymore.


Supvisors has dependencies on:

Package Release Optional
Supervisor 4.2.4
psutil 5.7.3 X
matplotlib 3.3.3 X
lxml 4.6.2 X
Flask-RESTX 0.5.1 X
PyZMQ 20.0.0 X
websockets 10.4 X

Please note that some of these dependencies may have their own dependencies.

Versions are given for information. Although Supvisors has been developed and tested with these releases, the minimal release of each dependency is unknown. Other releases are likely working as well.


Supvisors can be installed with pip install:

   # minimal install (including only Supervisor and its dependencies)
   [bash] > pip install supvisors

   # extra install for all optional dependencies
   [bash] > pip install supvisors[all]


You can view the current Supvisors documentation on Read the Docs.

You will find detailed installation and configuration documentation.

Reporting Bugs and Viewing the Source Repository

Please report bugs in the GitHub issue tracker.

You can view the source repository for Supvisors.


Not opened yet.

Change Log

0.16 (2023-03-12)

  • Add websockets as an option to the Supvisors event listener (Python 3.7+ only).

  • Re-design the PyZMQ event listener using the zmq.asyncio support for better commonalities with the wesockets solution.

  • Re-design the statistics collection and compilation.

  • The option stats_enabled takes additional values to control host and process statistics independently.

  • The option stats_collecting_period has been added to set the minimum time between process statistics collection.

  • The option stats_periods accepts float values, not necessarily multiples of 5.

  • Fix Issue #54. Add host and process statistics to the Supvisors event interface.

  • Fix children process CPU times in statistics.

  • Fix Solaris mode not taken into account for the process mean CPU value in the Supvisors Web UI.

  • Only one Supvisors instance is running when both unix_http_server and inet_http_server sections are defined in the supervisor configuration file.

  • Fix Flask start_args to pass the extra arguments in the URL attributes rather than in the route.

  • The local Supvisors instance is identified as the item having the same fully qualified domain name (as returned by socket.gethostaddr and socket.getfqdn) among the items of the supvisors_list option.

  • Use the HTTP server port to help the identification of the local Supvisors instance when multiple items of the supvisors_list option fit and identifier is not set.

  • The attribute process_failure is added to the get_instance_info XML-RPC to inform if there is a process failure in the Supvisors instance. The attribute is also provided in the event interface and in the instance_status option of the supervisorctl command.

  • Raise an exception when the matching Supvisors instance in the supvisors_list option is inconsistent with the local configuration.

  • Add a Supvisors logo.

0.15 (2022-11-20)

  • Publish / Subscribe pattern implemented for Supvisors internal communication. PyZmq is now only used for the optional external publication interface.

  • Make Supvisors robust to addProcessGroup / removeProcessGroup / reloadConfig Supervisor XML-RPCs.

  • Fix process CPU times in statistics so that children processes are all taken into account.

  • Fix regression in supervisorctl application_rules where the former distributed entry was still used instead of distribution.

  • Fix uncaught exception when an unknown host name or IP address is used in the supvisors_list option.

  • Fix ProcessEvent publication when no resource is available to start a process.

  • Fix SupvisorsStatus event in JAVA ZMQ client.

  • Manage the RuntimeError exception that could be raised by matplotlib when saving a graph.

  • Add all_start and all_start_args to the list of supervisorctl commands. These commands respectively invoke supervisor.startProcess and supvisors.start_args on all running Supvisors instances.

  • Add tail_limit and tailf_limit options to override the default 1024 bytes used by Supervisor to display the Tail pages of the Web UI.

  • Inactive Log Clear / Stdout / Stderr buttons in the Web UI if no stdout / stderr is configured.

  • Add resolution to ProcessStatus time information and store event time, so that forced state is correctly considered.

  • A process is not considered disabled anymore when process rules don't allow any candidate Supvisors instance.

  • When psutil is not installed on a host, the statistics-related options of the Process and Host pages of the Web UI are not displayed, just as if the option stats_enabled was set to False.

  • Clarify the exceptions that could be raised in Supvisors startup.

  • Add a FAQ to the documentation.

0.14 (2022-05-01)

  • Implement Supervisor Issue #1054. Start / Stop / Restart buttons have been added to groups in the Supervisor page of the Web UI so that it is possible to start / stop / restart all the processes of the group at once. The application state and description have been removed from this table as the information was confusing.

  • Fix issue where starting strategies would not work as expected when multiple Supvisors instances run on the same node but their host_name is identified differently in the option supvisors_list.

  • Replace on-the-fly the Supervisor gettags function so that the XML-RPC system.methodSignature works with both Supervisor and Supvisors.

  • Use socket.gethostaddr to validate the host names provided in the option supvisors_list.

  • In the Application page of the Web UI, apply a disabled status to programs that are disabled on all their possible Supvisors instances (according to rules and configuration).

  • Maintain the auto-refresh set on the Supvisors restart / shutdown actions of the Web UI.

  • Change the style of the matplotlib graphs.

0.13 (2022-02-27)

  • Implement Supervisor Issue #591. It is possible to disable/enable programs using the new disable and enable XML-RPCs. A new option disabilities_file has been added to support the persistence. The disabled status of the processes is made available through the supvisors.get_local_process_info XML-RPC and in the process table of the Web UI.

  • Fix issue where Supvisors may be blocked in the DEPLOYMENT phase due to late process events.

  • Add a new start_any_process XML-RPC that starts one process whose namespec matches the regular expression.

  • Add a wait parameter to the update_numprocs XML-RPC.

  • Add the principle of Supvisors modes to the output of the XML-RPCs get_supvisors_state and get_instance_info. The modes are linked to the existence of jobs in progress in Starter and Stopper.

  • The Supvisors modes are displayed to the Main page of the Web UI and the Supvisors instance modes are displayed to the Process and Host pages of the Web UI. In the navigation menu, the local Supvisors instance points out the Supvisors instances where the modes are activated, and the applications involved in its own Starter or Stopper.

  • When using # in the identifiers of the Application or Program rules and with a number of candidate applications or processes greater than the candidate identifiers, the assignment is performed by rolling over the identifiers list.

  • Add pid and uptime information to the supervisord entry of the process table in the Web UI.

  • The application rules of a Supvisors rules file can be inserted in any order.

  • Protect the Supervisor thread against any exception that could be raised by Supvisors when processing a Supervisor event.

  • Provide a Flask server that can be added as a Supervisor program to interact with Supvisors using a REST API.

  • Update the CSS style of the inactive buttons in the Web UI.

  • Fix CSS resources table cell height with recent versions of Firefox.

  • Update the Web UI to allow multiple processes per line in the Supvisors instance boxes.

  • Remove support to deprecated option distributed and to the possibility to have the program element directly under the application element in a Supvisors rules file.

0.12 (2022-01-26)

  • Fix crash following a supervisorctl update as the group added doesn't include extra_args and command_ref attributes in the Supervisor internal structure.

  • Fix crash when the state of the Supvisors master is received before any Supvisors instance has been confirmed.

  • Fix crash when receiving process state events from a Supvisors instance that has been checked while it was in a RESTARTING state.

  • Fix regression in Supvisors restarting / shutting down as the Master would actually restart / shut down before notifying the other Supvisors instances of its state. The new Supvisors state RESTART has been introduced.

  • Add supervisord entry to the process table of the Supvisors instance in the Web UI. This entry provides process statistics and the possibility to view the Supervisor logs.

  • Fix issue in Web UI with the Solaris mode not applied to the process CPU plot.

  • Fix CSS for Supvisors instance boxes (table headers un-stickied) in the Main page of the Web UI.

  • Fix process children CPU times counted twice in statistics.

  • Add regex support to the pattern attribute of the application and program elements of the Supvisors rules file.

  • The distribution option has been added to replace the distributed option in the Supvisors rules file. The distributed option is deprecated and will be removed in the next version.

  • Update the starting strategies so that the node load is considered in the event where multiple Supvisors instances are running on the same node. The LESS_LOADED_NODE and MOST_LOADED_NODE starting strategies have been added.

  • Update the RunningFailureHandler so that Starter and Stopper actions are all stored before they are actually triggered.

  • Add the RESTART and SHUTDOWN strategies to the running_failure_strategy option.

  • Update Starter and Stopper so that event timeouts are based on ticks rather than time.

  • Update InfanticideStrategy and SenicideStrategy so that the conciliation uses the Stopper. This avoids duplicated conciliation requests when entering the CONCILIATION state.

  • When receiving a forced state due to a Starter or Stopper timeout, check if the expected process state has been reached before actually forcing the state. Events may have crossed.

  • The programs section has been added in the application section of the Supvisors rules file. All program definitions should be placed in this section rather than directly in the application section. The intention is for the next Supvisors version to be able to declare application options in any order. Note that having program sections directly in the application section is still supported but deprecated and will be removed in the next version.

  • Add the starting_failure_strategy option in the program section of the Supvisors rules file. It supersedes the values eventually set in the application section.

  • Add the inactivity_ticks option to the Supvisors section of the Supervisor configuration file to enable more flexibility in a congested system.

  • Add node_name and port information to the result of the get_instance_info XML-RPC and to the instance status of the Supvisors event listener.

  • In the Process page of the Web UI, add buttons to shrink / expand all applications.

  • Use a different gradient in the Web UI for running processes that have ever crashed.

  • Fix CSS process table cell height with recent versions of Firefox.

  • Use hexadecimal strings for the shex attribute in the Web UI URL.

  • Add action class to the start/stop/restart/shutdown buttons in the headers of the Supvisors web pages.

  • Move PyZmq sockets creation to the main thread so that a bind error is made explicit in log traces.

  • Remove support to deprecated options, attributes and XML-RPCs (address_list, force_synchro_if, rules_file, address_name, addresses, get_master_address, get_address_info and get_all_addresses_info).

0.11 (2022-01-02)

  • Fix Issue #99. Update the Supvisors design so that it can be used to supervise multiple Supervisor instances on multiple nodes. This update had a major impact on the source code. More particularly:

    • The XML-RPCs get_master_identifier, get_instance_info and get_all_instances_info have been added to replace get_master_address, get_address_info and get_all_addresses_info.
    • The supervisorctl command instance_status has been added to replace address_status.
    • The XML-RPCs that would return attributes address_name and addresses are now returning identifier and identifiers respectively. This impacts the following XML-RPCs (and related supervisorctl commands):
      • get_application_info
      • get_all_application_info
      • get_application_rules
      • get_address_info
      • get_all_addresses_info
      • get_all_process_info
      • get_process_info
      • get_process_rules
      • get_conflicts.
    • The supvisors_list option has been added to replace address_list in the Supvisors section of the Supervisor configuration file. This option accepts a more complex definition: <identifier>host_name:http_port:internal_port. Note that the simple host_name is still supported in the event where Supvisors doesn't have to deal with multiple Supervisor instances on the same node.
    • The core_identifiers option has been added to replace force_synchro_if in the Supvisors section of the Supervisor configuration file. It targets the names deduced from the supvisors_list option.
    • The identifiers option has been added to replace the addresses option in the Supvisors rules file. This option targets the names deduced from the supvisors_list option.
    • The address-like attributes, XML-RPCs and options are deprecated and will be removed in the next version.
  • Fix Issue #98. Move the heartbeat emission to the Supvisors thread to avoid being impacted by a Supervisor momentary freeze. On the heartbeat reception part, consider that the node is SILENT based on a number of ticks instead of time.

  • Fix issue with supvisors.stop_process XML-RPC that wouldn't stop all processes when any of the targeted processes is already stopped.

  • Fix exception when authorization is received from a node that is not in CHECKING state.

  • Fix regression (missing disconnect) on node isolation when fencing is activated.

  • Fix issue in statistics compiler when network interfaces are dynamically created / removed.

  • Refactoring of Starter and Stopper.

  • The module rpcrequests has been removed because useless. The function getRPCInterface of th module supervisor.childutils does the job.

  • The startsecs and stopwaitsecs program options have been added to the results of get_all_local_process_info and get_local_process_info.

  • The option rules_file is updated to rules_files and supports multiple files for Supvisors rules. The option rules_file is thus deprecated and will be removed in the next version.

  • Add a new restart_sequence XML-RPC to trigger a full application start sequence.

  • Update the restart_application and restart_process XML-RPC so that processes can restart themselves using them.

  • Add expected_exit to the output of supervisorctl sstatus when the process is EXITED.

  • Add the new option stats_enabled to enable/disable the statistics function.

  • Update start_process, stop_process, restart_process, process_rules in supervisorctl so that calls are made on each individually process rather than process group when all is used as parameter.

  • Add exit codes to erroneous Supvisors calls in supervisorctl.

  • When aborting jobs when re-entering the INITIALIZATION state, clear the structure holding the jobs in progress. It has been found to stick Supvisors in the DEPLOYMENT state in the event where the Master node is temporarily SILENT.

  • Restrict the use of the XML-RPCs start_application, stop_application, restart_application to Managed applications only.

  • Review the logic of the refresh button in the Web UI.

  • Add node time to the node boxes in the Main page of the Web UI.

  • Sort alphabetically the entries of the application menu of the Web UI.

  • Update the mouse pointer look on nodes in the Main and Host pages of the Web UI.

  • Remove the useless timecode in the header of the Process and Host pages of the Web UI as it is now provided at the bottom right of all pages.

  • Add class "action" to Web UI buttons that trigger an XML-RPC.

  • Switch from Travis-CI to GitHub Actions for continuous integration.

0.10 (2021-09-05)

  • Implement Supervisor Issue #177. It is possible to update dynamically the program numprocs using the new update_numprocs XML-RPC.

  • Add targets Python 3.7 and Python 3.8 to Travis-CI.

0.9 (2021-08-31)

  • Enable the hash '#' for the addresses of a non-distributed application.

  • Add supvisorsctl to pally the lack of support of supervisorctl when used with --serverurl URL option. See related Supervisor Issue #1455.

  • Provide as a binary of Supvisors: supvisors_breed. The script only considers group duplication as it is fully valid to include multiple times a program definition in several groups.

  • Move the contents of the [supvisors] section into the [rpcinterface:supvisors] section and benefit from the configuration structure provided by Supervisor. The [supvisors] section itself is thus obsolete.

  • Remove deprecated support of pattern elements.

  • Fix issue when using the Web UI Application page from a previous launch.

  • Invert the stop sequence logic, starting from the greatest stop_sequence number to the lowest one.

  • When stop_sequence is not set in the rules files, it is defaulted to the start_sequence value. With the new stop sequence logic, the stop sequence is by default exactly the opposite of the start sequence.

  • Fix Nodes' column width for supervisorctl application_rules.

  • CHANGES.rst replaced with

  • 'Scenario 3' has been added to the Supvisors use cases.

  • A 'Gathering' configuration has been added to the Supvisors use cases. It combines all uses cases.

0.8 (2021-08-22)

  • Fix exception in INITIALIZATION state when the Master declared by other nodes is not RUNNING yet and the core nodes are RUNNING.

  • Fix exception when program rules and extra arguments are tested against a program unknown to the local Supervisor.

  • Fix issue about program patterns that were applicable to all elements. The scope of program patterns is now limited to their owner application.

  • Fix issue with infinite tries of application restart when the process cannot be started due to a lack of resources and RESTART_APPLICATION is set on the program in the Supvisors rules file.

  • Fix issue about application state not updated after a node has become silent.

  • Fix issue when choosing a node in Starter. Apply the requests that have not been satisfied yet for non-distributed applications.

  • Review logic for application major / minor failures.

  • Simplify the insertion of applications to start or stop in Commander jobs.

  • Add support for application patterns in the Supvisors rules file.

  • In the Supvisors rules file, pattern elements are deprecated and are replaced by program elements with a pattern attribute instead of a name attribute. Support for pattern elements will be removed in the next version of Supvisors.

  • Node aliases have been added to the Supvisors rules file.

  • Add the current node to all pages of Web UI to be aware of the node that displays the page.

  • The Web UI is updated to handle a large list of applications, nodes, processor cores and network interfaces.

  • In the Process page of the Web UI, expand / shrink actions are not applicable to programs that are not owned by a Supervisor group.

  • In the application navigation menu of the Web UI, add a red light near the Applications title if any application has raised a failure.

  • In the Application page of the Web UI, default starting strategy is the starting strategy defined in the Supvisors rules file for the application considered.

  • In the Application ang Process page, the detailed process statistics can be deselected.

  • Titles added to the output of :program:supervisorctl address_status and application_info.

  • The XML schema has been moved to a separate file rules.xsd.

  • Remove dependency to netifaces as psutil provides the function.

  • 'Scenario 2' has been added to the Supvisors use cases.

  • A script has been added to the installation package. It can be used to duplicate the applications based on a template configuration and more particularly used to prepare the Scenario 2 of the Supvisors use cases.

0.7 (2021-08-15)

  • Fix Issue #92. The Master drives the state of all Supvisors instances and a simplified state machine has been assigned to non-master Supvisors instances. The loss of the Master instance is managed in all relevant states.

  • Fix issue about applications that would be started automatically whereas their start_sequence is 0. The regression has been introduced during the implementation of applications repair in Supvisors 0.6.

  • Enable stop sequence on Unmanaged applications.

  • In the application navigation menu of the Web UI, add a red light to applications having raised a failure.

  • New application rules distributed and addresses added to the Supvisors rules file. Non-distributed applications have all their processes started on the same node chosen in accordance with the addresses and the starting_strategy.

  • Add the starting_strategy option to the application section of the Supvisors rules file.

  • Fix issue when choosing a node in Starter. The starting strategies considers the current load of the nodes and includes the requests that have not been satisfied yet.

  • Fix issue with infinite process restart when the process crashes and RESTART_PROCESS is set on the program in the Supvisors rules file. When the process crashes, only the Supervisor autorestart applies. The Supvisors RESTART_PROCESS applies only when the node becomes inactive.

  • Fix exception when forcing the state on a process that is unknown to the local Supervisor.

  • Promote the RESTART_PROCESS into RESTART_APPLICATION if the application is stopped.

  • For the Master election, give a priority to nodes declared in the forced_synchro_if option if used.

  • When using the forced_synchro_if option and when auto_fence is activated, do not isolate nodes as long as synchro_timeout has not passed.

  • In the INITALIZATION state, skip the synchronization phase upon notification of a known Master and adopt it.

  • Add reciprocity to isolation even if auto_fence is not activated.

  • In the process description of the Web UI Application page, add information about the node name. In particular, it is useful to know where the process was running when it is stopped.

  • Start adding use cases to documentation, inspired by real examples. 'Scenario 1' has been added.

0.6 (2021-08-01)

  • Applications that are not declared in the Supvisors rules file are not managed. Unmanaged applications have no start/stop sequence, no state and status (always STOPPED) and Supvisors does not raise a conflict if multiple instances are running over multiple nodes.

  • Improve Supvisors stability when dealing with remote programs undefined locally.

  • Add expand / shrink actions to applications to the ProcInstanceView of the Web UI.

  • Upon authorization of a new node in Supvisors, back to DEPLOYMENT state to repair applications.

  • Add RPC change_log_level to dynamically change the Supvisors logger level.

  • Application state is evaluated only against the starting sequence of its processes.

  • Fix blocking issue when Master is stopped while in DEPLOYMENT state.

  • Fix issue with applications that would not fully stop when using the STOP_APPLICATION starting failure strategy.

  • Fix issue related to Issue #85. An exception was raised when the program procnum was greater than the list of applicable nodes.

  • Fix Issue #91. Fix CSS style on the process tables in HTML.

  • Fix Issue #90. The Supvisors Master node drives the transition to OPERATION.

  • In the Web UI, set the process state color to FATAL when the process has exited unexpectedly.

  • Change the default expected loading to 0 in the program section of the Supvisors rules file.

  • Python Enum used for enumerations (not available in Python 2.7).

  • Remove supvisors_shortcuts from source code to get rid of IDE warnings.

  • All unit tests updated from unittest to pytest.

  • Include this Change Log to documentation.

0.5 (2021-03-01)

  • New option force_synchro_if to force the end of the synchronization phase when a subset of nodes is active.

  • New starting strategy LOCAL added to command the starting of an application on the local node only.

  • Fix Issue #87. Under particular circumstances, Supvisors could have multiple Master nodes.

  • Fix Issue #86. The starting and stopping sequences may fail and block when a sub-sequence includes only failed programs.

  • Fix Issue #85. When using # in the address_list program rule of the Supvisors rules file, a subset of nodes can optionally be defined.

  • Fix Issue #84. In the Supvisors rules file, program rules can be defined using both model reference and attributes.

  • The Web UI uses the default starting strategy of the configuration file.

  • The layout of Web UI statistics sections has been rearranged.

  • Fix CSS style missing for CHECKING node state in tables.

  • Star added to the node box of the Master instance on the main page.

  • Type annotations are added progressively in source code.

  • Start switching from unittest to pytest.

  • Logs (especially debug and trace) updated to remove printed objects.

0.4 (2021-02-14)

  • Auto-refresh button added to all pages.

  • Web UI Main page reworked by adding a subdivision of application in node boxes.

  • Fix exception when exiting using Ctrl+c from shell.

  • Fix exception when rules files is not provided.

0.3 (2020-12-29)

  • Fix Issue #81. When Supvisors logfile is set to AUTO, Supvisors uses the same logger as Supervisor.

  • Fix Issue #79. When FATAL or UNKNOWN Process state is forced by Supvisors, spawnerr was missing in the listener payload.

  • Useless folder rsc_ref deleted.

  • design folder moved to a dedicated GitHub repository.

  • 100% coverage reached in unit tests.

0.2 (2020-12-14)

  • Migration to Python 3.6. Versions of dependencies are refreshed, more particularly Supervisor 4.2.1.

  • CSS of Web UI updated / simplified.

  • New action added to Host Process page of WebUI: tail -f stderr button.

  • New information actions added to Application page of WebUI:

    • description field.
    • clear logs, tail -f stdout, tail -f stderr buttons.
  • Fix Issue #75. Supvisors takes into account the username and the password of inet_http_server in the supervisord section.

  • Fix Issue #17. The user selections on the web UI are passed to the URL.

  • Fix Issue #72. The extra arguments are shared between all Supvisors instances.

  • README.rst replaced with

  • Coverage improved in tests.

  • Docs target added to Travis-CI.

0.1 (2017-08-11)

Initial release.

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