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some svn utils to easily import/checkout packages

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Add .pyo to ignore files


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What is svnhelper ?

This package provide some svn utils.


When you importing a package for the first time, you need to create the trunk/branches/tags tree, remove pyc files, .egg-info, etc. svnhelper do it for you.

In a python package, just use:

$ python import

And you will be prompted for the repository root. Do not add the package name in the url. The name will be retrieved from the current path.

Outside a python package, you can use this command line:

$ svnh -i <repository>


To checkout a package, use:

$ svnco <url>

If no branche or tag is found in the url. svnhelper will checkout the trunk.


It’s not easy to test svn stuff in unit tests. svnhelper provide a testing environment for you.

Here is how to create a temporary repository:

>>> from svnhelper.testing import setUpRepository
>>> from svnhelper.testing import tearDownRepository

>>> def setUp(test):
...     setUpRepository(test)

>>> def tearDown(test):
...     tearDownRepository(test)

Then you can import a directory in the repository. test_package is a directory pointing on a testing egg in the test/ directory:

>>> import_test_package(test_package)

The we can use the repository:

>>> dirname = create_tempdir()
>>> os.chdir(dirname)
>>> print svn('co', '%s/my.testing/trunk' % repository, 'my.testing')
A    my.testing/LICENSE
A    my.testing/my
A    my.testing/my/
A    my.testing/my/testing
A    my.testing/my/testing/
A    my.testing/my/testing/README.txt
A    my.testing/
Checked out revision 1.

>>> ls(dirname, 'my.testing')
d .svn
d my

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