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Cloud multi-account metadata management tool.

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Remove hardcoded AWS/GCP account numbers from your code.

What is this?

SWAG is a collection of repositories used to keep track of the metadata describing cloud accounts. Originally built to store data on AWS, it now also supports GCP.

SWAG is a marshmallow-schema’d JSON file hosted in an S3 bucket.

How we use SWAG:

Many applications need to be multi-account aware. SWAG provides a central place to store information about your accounts and known-friendly accounts. When bringing up a new account, we simply add the data to SWAG and provide a config role and our infrastructure automatically detects and deploys primitives like IAM Roles to the new account.


We keep a git repository containing the JSON file. We accept pull requests to this JSON file and have a git-hook to validate the JSON matches the schema. Once merged, we sync the JSON file to an S3 bucket where all applications can access the data.

We have a separate angularjs project that wraps the JSON file with a simple UI, providing the ability to search by name, account number, etc.


pySWAG is available on pypi:

pip install swag-client

App Usage

Apps can interact with the library by importing it and calling a method:

from swag_client.swag import get_all_accounts

or to filter by a service tag:

service = {'services': {'YOURSERVICE': {'enabled': True, 'randomflag': True}}}
get_all_accounts(bucket='your-swag-bucket', **service).get('accounts')

Permissions required:

    "Action": ["s3:GetObject"],
    "Effect": ["Allow"],
    "Resource: ["arn:aws:s3:::your-swag-bucket/accounts.json"]

CLI Usage

The following CLI options exist:

swag validate [<filename>]

    # Uses Marshmallow to validate the file passed in is in the correct format.
    # <filename> defaults to accounts.json

swag upload <bucket> [<region>] [<filename>]

    # Uploads the file to the s3 bucket with key `/accounts.json`.
    # <region> defaults to us-east-1.
    # <filename> defaults to accounts.json

swag list <bucket> [<region>]

    # Renders a table with account name and account_number.
    # <region> defaults to us-east-1.

Upload requires special permissions:

    "Action": ["s3:PutObject"],
    "Effect": ["Allow"],
    "Resource: ["arn:aws:s3:::your-swag-bucket/accounts.json"]

Example JSON:

See sample_accounts.json

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