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A Python Markdown extension to include Swagger informations in your documentation

Project description


A Python Markdown extension to include Swagger Definitions and Paths in your markdown documentation. This extension works with Swagger 2.0 JSON files.

For now this extension supports only Definitions and Paths and can do those things:

  • For Definitions it can create description tables.
  • For Paths it can create request parameters table, request examples, response tables, and responses examples.

To install:

pip install swagger-markdown

How to use with python-markdown

import markdown
from swaggermarkdown import SwaggerExtension

md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=[SwaggerExtension()])
text = ':swg-def: FirstDefinition'
converted = md.convert(text)

Or more simply

import markdown

markdown.markdown('some markdown', extensions=['swaggermarkdown']))


  definitionsUrlRoot='/types',    # add an url in front of definition links (only if not present in current page)
  file='tests/test_swagger.json'  # redefine the default file (default: swagger.json)

How to use with MkDocs

  - swaggermarkdown

You have the option to define some configuration for the extension as well here:

  - swaggermarkdown:
      file: swagger.json
      definitionsUrlRoot: '/types'

How to use in your markdown files

## My Pet Api

### Endpoint /pet/findByTags

:swg-path: /pet/findByTags

### Pet definition

:swg-def: Pet

You should get a table similar to this

Individual configuration for Paths and Definition

You can decide with more precision what you want to show by defining a YAML configuration for each Path and Definition. The YAML definition must be indented with 4 spaces:

:swg-path: /pet/{petId}/uploadImage
      - post
      - get
      parametersTable: true
      requestExamples: true
      requestCodeExamples: true
      responseTable: true
      responseExamples: true

:swg-def: Pet
        hide: true
        description: "New description"

For now only the options presented above are supported

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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swagger-markdown-0.9.16.tar.gz (8.2 kB view hashes)

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