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Automatic pdb invoker

Project description

sweetdebug - Feel easy to debug

Automatic pdb invoker, Telegram support


pip install sweetdebug

or (To use Telegram notification)

pip install sweetdebug[telegram]

Main Feature

  • Just add one(or two) line.
from sweetdebug import sweetdebug
1/0 # Error !!
  • This will invoke pdb automatically.
Traceback (Most recent call last):
3 / <module> --> 1/0
ZeroDivisionError: division by zero
> /<module>()
-> 1/0

Other feature(s)

  • You can receive error message with Telegram, too.
  • To get Telegram authentication token, See Telegram Botfather for details.
# Assume you have Telegram tokens and corresponding chat ids.

token = "123456789:ABCDEF_VGRXDZKwvHS8@Xca5e2EnZdfsgTw"
chat_ids = ["13852425", '29384594']
sweetdebug(telegram=True, telegram_api_token=token, chat_ids=chat_ids)

1/0 # Error !!
  • Also, If you have used your tokens and chat ids, then you can use cached token and chat ids.


Other feature(s) - 2 (Added from 1.0.8)

  • sweettimer : simple timer for a code snippets
from sweetdebug import sweettimer

# simple timer for a function
def xxx1():
    return sum([i for i in range(1000)])

# replace function name or time units
@sweettimer(name="my_xxx", unit="ms")
def xxx2():
    return sum([i for i in range(1000)])

# also supports context-level
with sweettimer():
    sum([i for i in range(1000)])


# you can also check elapsed times through this class attribute
(/home/jongho/workspace/testbed/, line 15) :: elapsed 0.01293182373046875 s
(/home/jongho/workspace/testbed/[xxx1] :: elapsed 2.288818359375e-05 s
(/home/jongho/workspace/testbed/[my_xxx] :: elapsed 0.019788742065429688 ms
[(None, 0.011715888977050781, 's'), ('xxx1', 2.09808349609375e-05, 's'), ('my_xxx', 1.6927719116210938e-05, 'ms')]

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sweetdebug-1.0.11.tar.gz (4.5 kB view hashes)

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sweetdebug-1.0.11-py3-none-any.whl (5.2 kB view hashes)

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