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Swiftea's Open Source Web Crawler

Project description

Swiftea Crawler

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Swiftea-Crawler is an open source web crawler for Swiftea search engine.

Currently, it can:

  • Visit websites
    • check robots.txt
    • search encoding
  • Parse them
    • extract data
      • title
      • description
      • ...
    • extract words
      • filter stopwords
  • Index them
    • in database
    • in inverted-index
  • Archive log files in a zip file
    • avoid duplicates (http and https)

The domain crawler focus on the links that belong to the given domain name. The level option of the domain crawler defines how deep the crawl goes. For example, the level 2 means the crawler will crawl all the links of the domain plus the links that all pages in this domain lead to.

The domain crawler can use a MongoDB database to store the inverted index.

Install and usage

Run crawler

Create crawler-config.json file and fill it:

  "DIR_DATA": "data",

  "DB_HOST": "",
  "DB_USER": "",
  "DB_PASSWORD": "",
  "DB_NAME": "",
  "TABLE_NAMES": ["website", "suggestion"],
  "DIR_INDEX": "ii/",
  "FTP_HOST": "",
  "FTP_USER": "",
  "FTP_PORT": 21,
  "FTP_DATA": "/www/data/",
  "FTP_INDEX": "/www/data/inverted_index",

  "HOST": "",



from crawler import main

# infinite crawling:
crawler = main(l1=50, l2=10, dir_data='data1')

# domain crawling:
crawler = main(url='http://example.example', level=0, target_level=1, dir_data='data1')
crawler = main(url='http://some.thing', level=1, target_level=3, use_mongodb=True)



virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 crawler-env
source crawler-env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run tests

Using only pytest:

python test

With coverage:

coverage run test
coverage report
coverage html

Build documentation

You must install python3-sphinx package.

cd docs
make html

Run linter

Install prospector, then:

prospector > prospector_output.json


Create directories in ftp server:

  • /www/data/badwords
  • /www/data/stopwords
  • /www/data/inverted_index

Upload the list of words: /www/[type]/[lang].[type].txt.

Create database with sql/swiftea_mysql_db.sql.

How it works?

If the files below don't exist, the crawler will download them from our server:

  • data/stopwords/fr.stopwords.txt
  • data/stopwords/en.stopwords.txt
  • data/badwords/fr.badwords.txt
  • data/badwords/en.badwords.txt

In crawler-config.json, if FTP_INDEX is "", then the inverted index will be save in DIR_INDEX but not send on the FTP server.


The DatabaseSwiftea object can:

  • send documents
  • get the id of a document by the url
  • delete a document
  • select the suggestions
  • check if a doc exists
  • check for http and https duplicate


When stoping the crawler (ctrl+V), it will not restart with the interupted url.


Current version is 1.1.3


Swiftea's Crawler uses a number of open source projects to work properly:


Want to contribute? Great!

Fork the repository. Then, run:

git clone<username>/Crawler.git
cd Crawler

Then, do your work and commit your changes. Finally, make a pull request.

Commit conventions:


  • Use the present tense
  • Use the imperative mood


  • Add something: "Add feature ..."
  • Update: "Update ..."
  • Improve something: "Improve ..."
  • Change something: "Change ..."
  • Fix something: "Fix ..."
  • Fix an issue: "Fix #123456" or "Close #123456"



Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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