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smaXtec API client

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smaXtec API Client

:warning: The API of this package is deprecated and will be changed with version 1.x :warning:

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Python wrapper for the smaXtec public API


To use the API smaXtec user credentials (smaXtec Messenger Account) are needed.

from sxapi import API

a = API(email="", password="mypassword")

# Get organisations
orgas = a.organisations
print orgas

# Get Animals in an organisation
animals = orgas[0].animals
print animals
# Get Sensordata for an animal
data = animals[0].get_frame(["temp", "act"], days_back=10)

# Get Events for an animal
events = animals[0].get_events()

# Get by id
print a.get_organisation("5721e3f8a80a5f54c6315131").devices
print a.get_animal("572209c1a80a5f54c631513f").name
print a.get_animal("572209c1a80a5f54c631513f").heats
print a.get_animal("572209c1a80a5f54c631513f").lactations
print a.get_animal("572209c1a80a5f54c631513f").current_dim
print a.get_animal("572209c1a80a5f54c631513f").dim_range(datetime.datetime(2018,1,1),, interval=12*60*60)

# Show request stats

Timezone Awareness

By default the API Client tries to make all datetimes timezone aware with pendulum datetime instances. See:

To deactivate this behaviour create API Clients with tz_aware=False

from sxapi import API

a = API(email="", password="mypassword", tz_aware=False)

Low Level Usage

from sxapi import LowLevelAPI

a = LowLevelAPI(email="", password="mypassword")

# Get by id
print a.get_organisation_by_id("5721e3f8a80a5f54c6315131")
print a.get_animal_by_id("572209c1a80a5f54c631513f")
print a.getAnimal("dsdsd") # from internal works only with api key

Flask Usage

The API Client includes a Flask Extension Module for usage of the LowLevel API. Usage is only possible with a permanent API Token and an internal endpoint.

from flask import Flask, jsonify
from sxapi.ext import FlaskSX

class MYCONFIG(object):
    DEBUG = True
    TESTING = True
    SMAXTEC_API_KEY = "...JWT..."

app = Flask(__name__)
api = FlaskSX()

# Example Id: 0700003445
def show_device(device_id):
    return jsonify(api.get_device_by_id(device_id))

# Example Id: 59f0743b093ed5cab7a1fb18
def show_animal(animal_id):
    return jsonify(api.get_animal_by_id(animal_id))

def show_home():
    public = api.get_public_status()
    private = api.get_private_status()
    return jsonify({"public": public, "private": private})

if __name__ == "__main__":


To build a new pip version increase version and tag with git tag -a "vX.X". Build artifacts and push to pip

python sdist bdist_wheel
twine upload dist/*

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