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Python CLI to share secret files via github with symmetric encryption ed25519.

Project description


Python CLI to share secret files via github with symmetric encryption ed25519.

  • IMPORTANT: The secret files should be git-ignored to avoid oblivious leakage.
  • Temporarily supports only text files (only tested with .env).
  • Best used to store/share secrets and configurations.
  • Key should be a 32-byte long string, meanly 32 ASCII or two-byte UTF-8 characters.
  • (FAQ) If you share with GitHub (like the example), please notice that there's a 5 minutes cool-down on refreshing. Detail


  1. Install CLI: pip3 install symmetric-secrete-share.
  2. Check the Tutorial Chapter and sss --help.
  3. Recommended: set up a global key chain with sss key, or you would have to input a key every time.
  4. Get a config like $REPO_ROOT/tests/injection/sss.json. The JSON-schema in $schema of this file will help you write the config file.


  1. Get a config file like $REPO_ROOT/tests/injection/sss.json.

  2. Run CLI

    sss inject [-k TEXT] CONFIG_PATH


  1. Run CLI

    sss share [-k TEXT] CONFIG_PATH


  1. Run CLI

    sss key [-c/f/g] # -g: generate one key, -c: clear key chain, -f: force
  2. Upload the generated file to GitHub (or other platforms).

  3. Update the config file if needed.


  • There are 256**32==1,15e+77 keys of 32 of ASCII (one-byte utf-8 string).
  • To generate this kind of key, you can use sss key --generate.
  • There are 256**64==1.34e+154 keys of 64 of ASCII (two-byte utf-8 string).
  • To generate two-byte utf-8 string, a possibility is to use onlineutf8tools



In this tutorial, all commands are assumed to be run under the $REPO_ROOT. We are going to use these concepts and variables:

  • key chain: A file to share key, initialized with sss key.
  • key: This key contains 32 characters..
  • URL:

We are going to play with the folder test/injection, with the sss.json file inside it. To share your own file, a new config file should be created.

Setup a local key chain

sss key # create/edit
sss key -c # clear all keys

load files from URL

These code will generate a test/injection/target.env like test/example.env

sss inject ./tests/injection/sss.json # use key from initial key chain
sss inject -k "This key contains 32 characters." ./tests/injection/sss.json
sss inject ./tests/injection/sss.json -k "I'm a string with 32 characters." # fail

share files

Need to upload manually #TODO These code will generate a test/injection/target.encrypted

sss share ./tests/injection/sss.json # use key from initial key chain
sss share -k "This key contains 32 characters." ./tests/injection/sss.json

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