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An account validity module for Synapse using email

Project description

Synapse email account validity

A Synapse plugin module to manage account validity using validation emails.

This module requires:

  • Synapse >= 1.34.0
  • sqlite3 >= 3.24.0 (if using SQLite with Synapse)


Thi plugin can be installed via PyPI:

pip install synapse-email-account-validity


Add the following in your Synapse config under account_validity:

  - module: email_account_validity.EmailAccountValidity
      # The maximum amount of time an account can stay valid for without being renewed.
      period: 6w
      # How long before an account expires should Synapse send it a renewal email.
      renew_at: 1w

Also under the HTTP client listener, configure an additional_resource as per below:

        module: email_account_validity.EmailAccountValidityServlet
          # The maximum amount of time an account can stay valid for without being
          # renewed.
          period: 6w

The syntax for durations is the same as in the rest of Synapse's configuration file.

If they are not already there, copy the templates into Synapse's templates directory.


This plugin exposes three HTTP routes to manage account validity:

  • POST /_synapse/client/email_account_validity/send_mail, which any registered user can hit with an access token to request a renewal email to be sent to their email addresses.
  • GET /_synapse/client/email_account_validity/renew, which requires a token query parameter containing the latest token sent via email to the user, which renews the account associated with the token.
  • POST /_synapse/client/email_account_validity/admin, which any server admin can use to manage the account validity of any registered user. It takes a JSON body with the following keys:
    • user_id (string, required): The Matrix ID of the user to update.
    • expiration_ts (integer, optional): The new expiration timestamp for this user, in milliseconds. If no token is provided, a value corresponding to now + period is used.
    • enable_renewal_emails (boolean, optional): Whether to allow renewal emails to be sent to this user.

The two first routes need to be reachable by the end users for this feature to work as intended.

Development and Testing

This repository uses tox to run tests.


This repository uses unittest to run the tests located in the tests directory. They can be ran with tox -e tests.

Making a release

git tag vX.Y
python3 sdist
twine upload dist/synapse-email-account-validity-X.Y.tar.gz
git push origin vX.Y

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