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Provides extended support for users to invite other users to rooms via an inventation token

Project description

Super Invitation flow for Synapse Matrix Homeserver

Provides extended support for users to invite other users to rooms via an invitation token


From the virtual environment that you use for Synapse, install this module with:

pip install path/to/synapse-super-invites

(If you run into issues, you may need to upgrade pip first, e.g. by running pip install --upgrade pip)

Then alter your homeserver configuration, adding to your modules configuration:

  - module: synapse_super_invites.SynapseSuperInvites
      sql_url: "sqlite:///data/super_invites.db"
      generate_registration_token: true # default: false - whether or not the invite tokens are also usable as registration tokens
      enable_web: true # default: false - not yet ready web/html management app

Using [the ansible script]

If you are using the awesome matrix-docker-ansible-deploy suite by spantaleev (thanks, mate! Great work!), you can install and configure module by setting the following to your vars.yml for the corresponding server:

# make sure we build a custom docker image for synapse
matrix_synapse_container_image_customizations_enabled: true
# install the super invites with pip
matrix_synapse_container_image_customizations_dockerfile_body_custom: |
  RUN pip install synapse_super_invites

# add super-invites to the modules and configure it
  - module: "synapse_super_invites.SynapseSuperInvites"
      sql_url: "sqlite://///matrix-media-store-parent/super_invites.db"
      generate_registration_token: true

This creates a super_invites database persistent across restarts and docker rebuilds, you can find in /matrix/synapse/storage on your host.


You can confirm the installation went well by trying to access the path /_synapse/client/super_invites/tokens on your matrix server. If the module is available this will return with a 401 with errCode: M_MISSING_TOKEN. If it isn't available you will get a 404 with "errcode: "M_UNRECOGNIZED".



0.8.2 - 2024-05-11:

  • Support for receiving info about a token without redeeming it, #2
  • Fix to mark DMs as direct (includes tests), #7
  • Fix for pyproject URLs, #1, thanks to @HarHarLinks
  • Allow API caller to not disable registration token creation
  • Clean up types

0.8.1 - 2023-11-24:

  • ensure deleted tokens stay unaccessible -- also to the owner

0.8.0 - 2023-11-24:

  • documentation about how to use this with the docker-ansible-scripts
  • roadmap info added

0.8.0b3 - 2023-11-17:

  • Migration file inclusion

0.8.0b2 - 2023-11-17:

  • Fix broken import of resource.*

0.8.0b1 - 2023-11-17:

  • First attempt at releasing


What is missing for a 1.0?

  • Allow room-admins to know about all SuperInviteTokens for the given room
  • Web-Frontend to allow anyone to use this (is this even possible?)


In a virtual environment with pip ≥ 21.1, run

pip install -e .[dev]

To run the unit tests, you can either use:

tox -e py


trial tests

To run the linters and mypy type checker, use ./scripts-dev/

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