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PDM plugin to sync your pre-commit versions with your lockfile, and install them, all automatically.

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PDM and Poetry plugin to sync your pre-commit versions with your lockfile and automatically install pre-commit hooks.

Sample output


  • 🔁 Sync pre-commit versions with your lockfile
  • ⏩ Run every time you run the lockfile is updated, not as a pre-commit hook
  • 🔄 Install pre-commit hooks automatically, no need to run pre-commit install manually
  • 💫 Preserve your pre-commit config file formatting
  • 🍃 Lightweight, only depends on strictyaml

Supported versions

  • Python 3.9+
  • PDM 2.7.4+
  • Poetry 1.6.0+



Install it just like any other PDM plugin:

pdm self add "sync-pre-commit-lock"

Optionally, you can also specify the plugin in your project pyproject.toml, to make it installable with pdm install --plugins:

plugins = [

Note: we have an extra group [pdm], that adds PDM version constraints. While it's safer, it might result in PDM being installed twice.

For Poetry

Install like any other Poetry plugin, e.g.:

poetry self plugin add "sync-pre-commit-lock[poetry]"

Only Poetry 1.6.0+ is supported.


This plugin is configured using the tool.sync-pre-commit-lock section in your pyproject.toml file.

Here is the default configuration:

# Run `pre-commit install` automatically if applicable
automaticall-install-hooks = true
# Should we sync your pre-commit versions with your lockfile (when running lock, add, update, remove, etc.)?
disable-sync-from-lock = false
# Packages to ignore when syncing from lock
ignore = []
# Name of the pre-commit config file to sync with
pre-commit-config-file = ".pre-commit-config.yaml"
# Additional mapping of URLs to python packages
# Default is empty, but will merge with the default mapping
# "rev" indicates the format of the Git tags
dependency-mapping = {"package-name"= {"repo"= "", "rev"= "v${rev}"}}

Note: the dependency-mapping is merged with the default mapping, so you don't need to specify the default mapping if you want to add a new mapping. Repos urls will be normalized to http(s), with the trailing slash removed.

From environment

Some settings are overridable by environment variables with the following SYNC_PRE_COMMIT_LOCK_* prefixed environment variables:

toml setting environment format
automatically-install-hooks SYNC_PRE_COMMIT_LOCK_INSTALL bool as string (true, 1...)
disable-sync-from-lock SYNC_PRE_COMMIT_LOCK_DISABLED bool as string (true, 1...)
ignore SYNC_PRE_COMMIT_LOCK_IGNORE comma-separated list
pre-commit-config-file SYNC_PRE_COMMIT_LOCK_PRE_COMMIT_FILE str


Once installed, and optionally configured, the plugin usage should be transparent, and trigger when you run applicable PDM or Poetry commands, like pdm lock, or poetry lock.

There should be a message in the output, when the sync or install or pre-commit is triggered.

You can manually trigger the sync with the CLI command:

pdm sync-pre-commit


poetry sync-pre-commit

Both commands support --dry-run and verbosity options.

Improvement ideas

Feel free to open an issue or a PR if you have any idea, or if you want to help!

Release / CI / DX

  • Upload build artifacts on GitHub release
  • Add a changelog
  • Add "E2E" tests
  • Add docs

Features or fixes

  • Support hooks URL aliases for the same Python package
    • Support user configuration of aliases
  • Support pdm config and clear configuration precedence
  • Create a more verbose command
  • Add support for other lockfiles / project managers (pipenv, flit, hatch, etc.)
  • Expose a pre-commit hook to sync the lockfile
  • Support nested params for some repos? Like mypy types
  • Support reading DB from a Python module?
  • Support reordering DB inputs (file/global config/python module/cli)?
  • Test using SSH/file dependencies?
  • Check ref existence before writing?
  • New feature to convert from pre-commit online to local?
  • Warning if pre-commit CI auto update is also set?


This project is inspired by @floatingpurr's sync_with_pdm and sync_with_poetry.

The code to install pre-commit hooks automatically is adapted from @vstrimaitis's poetry-pre-commit-plugin, licensed under GPL-3.

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