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Execute workflows against Glacier.

Project description


Glacier is meant for long-term storage of large files/archives. It is a time-consuming process to delete archives and download files. Additionally, you can not delete a Glacier vault container if it still contains archives.

In order to delete a vault, the normal process is:

  • Create a job to evaluate the current contents of the vault.

  • Wait until the job has been completed (usually three or four hours in us-east).

  • Request the job output data.

  • Delete each archive listed in the job-output.

  • Delete the vault.

This can become obnoxious. The goal of this tool is to execute synchronous workflows that just stay running until the job is done.


Install using PIP:

$ sudo pip install synchronous_glacier



Executes the vault-deletion workflow.

Example output:

$ sg-vault-delete ACCESSKEY SECRETKEY dustin-test-multi-3
Watching job [76c9jSYmg6k9ZbgxdpZLtRq2kDZML_yzhU_1tEL1f_CgEiXjHyKnnoMTDVFciexsGM82k9X1v9K7T0ms-imt9SvPgPW0].
Sleeping (running 00:00:00).
Sleeping (running 00:10:03).
Sleeping (running 00:20:07).
Sleeping (running 00:30:11).
Sleeping (running 00:40:15).
Sleeping (running 00:50:19).
Job complete. Deleting (3) archives.
Requesting archive delete: (0) [dustin-test-archive1]
Requesting archive delete: (1) [dustin-test-archive2]
Requesting archive delete: (2) [dustin-test-archive3]
Deleting vault: dustin-test-multi-3

To Do

We have only written one tool to solve one problem. PRs will be readily accepted to extend the project with additional tools to execute different workflows.

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