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Python CLI for Synology DSM.

Project description

Python CLI for Synology DSM.


  • Python 2.7 or greater

  • PyYaml

  • pip install pyyaml or easy_install pyyaml

  • requests

  • pip install requests or easy_install requests


pip install syncli


git clone ~/syncli

ln -sf ~/syncli/syncli/ /usr/local/bin/syncli


Basic syntax is syncli --host <hostname> <command>

syncli handles authentication in one of two ways. You can either specify a username and password as command line options

syncli --host <hostname> --username <username> --password <password> <command>


you can put them in a configuration file ~/.syncli.yaml by default. The config file is a yaml file with the following structure.

  username: <username>
  password: <password>

Credentials provided as command line arguments override values from the configuration file, if both exist.

**IMPORTANT: ** Currently authentication sends your credentials over http in plain text, so this is not safe to use at all over a public network or the internet. syncli defaults to ‘http’ (DSM default), but you override it with --proto=https.

Currently Supported Operations

  • reboot : reboots the device

$ syncli --host xxxxx reboot
  • shutdown : shuts down the device

$ syncli --host xxxxx shutdown
  • stats : prints stats from the resource monitor.

$ syncli --host xxxxx stats
cpu: 0% loadavg: 119 115 114
mem: 7% of 1GB
  • info : prints out system information

$ syncli --host xxxxx info
ntpenabled : True
ramsize : 1024
usbdev : []
usbbaselevel : 1
ntpserver :
satadev : []
timezone : Melbourne
version : DSM 4.2-3211
systemp : 34
systime : 2013-07-03 05:53:39
optime : 15:32:13
model : DS412+
systempwarn : False
  • list_packages : lists all packages installed via the Package Manager.

$ syncli --host xxxxx list_packages
Plex Media Server (stop)
DHCP Server (running)
CouchPotato Server (stop)
Python (running)
SABnzbd (stop)
SickBeard (stop)
  • available_packages : lists all packages available for installation.

$ syncli --host xxxxx available_packages
iTunes Server (1.1-2270)
VPN Server (1.1-2267)
Cloud Station (2.0-2402)
Time Backup (1.2-2278)
Surveillance Station (6.0-2636)
Mono (2.11.1-0004)
Syslog Server (2.1-2309)
  • start_package : start the named package.

$ syncli --host xxxxx --package 'Plex Media Server' start_package
  • stop_package : stops the named package.

$ syncli --host xxxxx --package 'Plex Media Server' stop_package

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