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A REST API service to query and manage the SAFER-STORAGE backup and storage in space in time dimensions

Project description

uvicorn sysapi.main:app --reload# SAFER-STORAGE System Backend REST API Server

This backend is implemented using FastAPI

Quick start

Install the module on your system sing PyPI:

pip install sysapi

Then start the service using default settings (test on localhost:8000), run the following command:

uvicorn sysapi.main:app --reload

File system organization

File system organization (download PDF)

REST Routes

GET routes

Version prefix

All routes start with a /{version}/ prefix, which is currently set to v1

Meta data

These routes are used to retrieve data about users and snapshots

  • /v1/users : list user accounts
  • /v1/user/{user} : get user's meta-data
  • /v1/snapshots : list of all available snapshots
  • /v1/snapshots?user={user} : list of available snapshots for user
  • /v1/snapshot/{@snapshot} : get @snapshot meta-data


  • users, snapshots, and root are reserved user names to avoid conflicts.
  • snapshots are always identified using an @-prefixed name, eg. @initial, which also solved ambiguity between snapshot and user routes.

Filesystem navigation in time and space

The general form is as follows:

  • /v1/{user}/{time-location}/{space-location}

With the following constructs:

  • {time-location} is one of:
    • fat/{@sanpshot} : the state of a single file as captured in snapshot named {snapid}
    • dat/{@sanpshot} : the state of a directory as captured in snapshot named {snapid}
    • fbefore/{@snapshot} : the state of a file as captured in snapshot immediately preceding the snapshot named {@snapshot} (if any)
    • dbefore/{@snapshot} : the state of a directory as captured in snapshot immediately preceding the snapshot named {@snapshot} (if any)
    • past/{@snapshot} : merged view of a directory composed of all snapshot(s) preceding, and including, the snapshot named {@snapshot}.
    • historic/{username}/{path} : list of snapshots that contain the given file for the given user
    • The special name @current is reserved and used to designate the current state of the filesystem. It is actually a real snapshot, that is created each time an API call requests this time-point.
  • {space-location} is of the form:
    • `` (empty): user's homedir content
    • {path}/ : content of the directory designated by the URL-encoded path starting from the user's homedir
    • {path}/file : file located in directory designated by path

NB: the root virtual user is only available to the admin user and his/her home directpry is at the root of the filesystem


  • /v1/joe/at/@current/ : joe's current homedir
  • /v1/joe/at/@snap-2019-09-18-2230/Photos/Kickoff/people.jpg : joe's file named people.jpg in sub-directory Photos/Kickoff as it was captured by snapshot named @snap-2019-09-18-2230
  • /v1/root/before/@snap-2019-09-18-2230/users/joe/Photos/ : content of directory users/joe/Photos/ for admin user as it was captured by snapshot immediately preceding the snapshot named @snap-2019-09-18-2230

POST routes

  • /v1/users/new

    Creates a user with following elements:

    • login
    • password
    • email
  • /v1/copyto/{space-location}

    Copies the list of files designated in the body to the space-location designated by the URL: In the body, each file is designated by a triplet:

    • "path"="path/to/file"
    • "snapshot"="@snapshot" from which the file is copied
    • "destructive"=boolean Returns: The updated content of target directory (space-location)

Project details

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