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Certificate tool for Sysadmins

Project description


Easy-to-use command-line tool for certificate management.


  • Simple command-line UI.

  • Good defaults, sets up common extensions automatically.

  • PGP- and password-protected private keys.

  • OCSP and CRL info settings.

  • Supports EC, RSA and DSA keys.


  • Python cryptography module (version >= 2.1).

  • (Optional) gpg command-line tool to decrypt files.


Generate new key:

sysca new-key              [--password-file TXT_FILE] [--out DST]
sysca new-key ec[:<curve>] [--password-file TXT_FILE] [--out DST]
sysca new-key rsa[:<bits>] [--password-file TXT_FILE] [--out DST]
sysca new-key dsa[:<bits>] [--password-file TXT_FILE] [--out DST]

Create certificate signing request:

sysca request --key KEY_FILE [--password-file TXT_FILE]
              [--subject DN] [--san ALTNAMES]
              [--CA] [--path-length DEPTH]
              [--usage FLAGS] [--ocsp-url URLS] [--crl-url URLS]
              [--issuer-cert-url URLS]
              [--out CSR_FN]

Create selfsigned certificate:

sysca selfsign --key KEY_FILE --days N [--password-file TXT_FILE]
              [--subject DN] [--san ALTNAMES]
              [--CA] [--path-length DEPTH]
              [--usage FLAGS] [--ocsp-url URLS] [--crl-url URLS]
              [--issuer-cert-url URLS]
              [--out CRT_FN]

Sign certificate signing request:

sysca sign --ca-key KEY_FILE --ca-info CRT_FILE
           --request CSR_FILE --days NUM
           [--out CRT_FN] [--password-file TXT_FILE]
           [--reset ...]

Create or update CRL file:

sysca update-crl [--crl CRL_FILE] [--out CRT_FN]
           --ca-key KEY_FILE --ca-info CRT_FILE [--password-file TXT_FILE]
           --days NUM [--crl-number NUM] [--delta-crl-number NUM]
           [--reason REASON_NAME]
           [--revoke-cert CERT_FILE] ...
           [--revoke-serial SERIAL] ...

Display contents of CRT, CSR or CRL file:

sysca show FILE

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