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Syseggrecipe allows the reuse of system eggs in buildout installs

Project description


The buildout syseggrecipe uses system installed eggs, called syseggs. These syseggs are used instead of installing them again during buildout. This is usefull for hard to compile eggs or eggs that need specific development libraries.


An example of how to use the recipe. Please note that the sysegg recipe must be the first buildout part.:

parts = sysegg

recipe = syseggrecipe
eggs =

To stop the buildout when not all syseggs are installed include: force-sysegg = True.:

parts = sysegg

recipe = syseggrecipe
force-sysegg = true
eggs =


To test if all syseggs are available while force-sysegg = true is enabled in the buildout configuration.:

bin/buildout sysegg:force-sysegg=false install sysegg


This package is a fork of osc.recipe.sysegg. As such it is licensed under MIT.


0.3 (2013-09-10)

  • We report files that we’ve added to buildout now so that buildout automatically cleans them up for us. No more pollution in our develop-eggs directory!

  • Symlinking folders of non-egg distributions that we found in a system directory turned out to be a bad idea. Some distributions install files instead of directories (GDAL ends up as, for instance). We now only copy the “egg-info” files, which turns out to be enough for setuptools to find the distributions.

  • Copying (see above) instead of symlinking means it also works on windows again.

0.2 (2013-09-10)

  • Fix in README for running sysegg standalone.

  • Distributions that aren’t eggs but directories directly inside a sys.path directory would have the actual system folder as their location. This used to mean that everything in that system folder can erroneously be used as a system egg. Not anymore, as those directories are now symlinked directly instead of being used through a too-generic .egg-link file.

  • This recipe uses symlinks for the above fix, which means it doesn’t work on windows anymore.

0.1 (2013-02-05)

  • Patch code to allow for force-sysegg=false

  • Add original code from osc.recipe.sysegg.

  • Add buildout and

  • Added readme, changes and MIT license.

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