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Opens a new OS X Terminal window in the current directory and runs an optional command in it.

Project description

tab - Opens a new OS X Terminal window in the current directory and runs
an optional command in it.

If the current directory contains a file `.tabfile` this one is executed
instead (see below).

Download the latest version from:


tab requires Python 3. Currently Mac OS X does not ship with Python 3, but you
can easily install it with the original package from:

or if you're already using Homebrew, install it with it:

brew install python3

Install tab itseelf with pip: `pip3 install tab-osx`, or if you prefer the
manual way copy the `tab` file into your `/usr/local/bin` and make it

cp tab /usr/local/bin
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/tab


(no arguments) Opens a new Terminal tab and changes to the current

-n: Window name of the new tab
-w: Open a new window instead of a tab
-p: Position of the new window on screen in the format x,y (e.g 400,200)
-s: Size of the new window in the format w,h (e.g. 400,200)
-t: Path to a tabfile to execute.

--testsuite: Opens a couple of windows to test and demonstrate


tab # Opens a new tab
tab vim # Opens vim in a new tab
tab -w -s 100,100 -p 400,700 vim # Opens vim in a new window at the
# specified position and size
tab -t ~/Projects/project.tabfile # Open the tabfile


You can specify multiple `tab` actions in one file, to quickly open multiple
tabs with commands. Tabfile is an INI file, each tab is seperated by a group
called either `tab:<n>` or `window:<n>`.

You can specify options as 'name:', 'size:', and 'position:'. All other lines
are commands which will be executed.

[tab:1] # Gulp Watcher
source ~/myproject/bin/activate
gulp watch

[tab:2] # Django Project
source ~/myproject/bin/activate runserver # Start the server

open # Open web browser for above server
clear # and have a blank tab to work in

[window:1] # Vim Editor in a separate
size: 200,400 # window.
position: 600,300

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