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A curses command-line CSV and list (tabular data) viewer

Project description

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This project is functional but future development will be sporadic and limited. For a more fully featured CSV viewer/spreadsheet app check out the Visidata project.

View a CSV file in a spreadsheet-like display.

Posted by Scott Hansen <>

Original code forked from:

Contributed by A.M. Kuchling <>

Other Contributors:

The highlighted position is shown in the top-left corner of the screen; next to it are shown the contents of that cell.


  • Python 3.4+

  • Spreadsheet-like view for easily visualizing tabular data

  • Vim-like navigation (h,j,k,l, g(top), G(bottom), 12G goto line 12, m - mark, ‘ - goto mark, etc.)

  • Toggle persistent header row

  • Sort ascending or descending by any column. Dynamically change column width and gap

  • Sort in ‘natural order’ to improve numeric sorting

  • Full-text incremental search, n and p to cycle between search results

  • ‘Enter’ to view the full cell contents

  • Yank cell contents to the clipboard

  • File can be reloaded in-place if the data changes.

  • F1 or ? for keybindings

  • Can also use from python command line to visualize any tabular data (e.g. list-of-lists)

  • See the screenshots directory for some pictures.


  • Python 3.4+

  • Xsel or xclip (Optional - only required for ‘yank’ to clipboard)


  • pip install tabview OR

  • # python install OR

  • $ python install --user OR

  • Archlinux AUR package


  • From command line:

    tabview <filename>
    tabview <filename> --start_pos 6,5
    tabview <filename> +6:5  (equivalent to previous usage)
    tabview <filename> --encoding iso8859-1 +6:
  • From python command line to view an object

    import tabview as t
    a = [["a","b","c"], ["d","e","f"]]
  • From python command line to view a file

    import tabview as t
    t.view(<filename>, start_pos=(60,40))
  • Using as the pager for MySQL. Set these options in ~/.my.cnf:

    pager=tabview -d '\t' --quoting QUOTE_NONE -


  • python tests/


F1 or ?

Show this list of keybindings

Cursor keys or h,j,k,l

Move the highlighted cell, scrolling if required.

Q or q


Home, ^, Ctrl-a

Move to the start of this line

End, $, Ctrl-e

Move to the end of this line


Goto column <num>, or first column if num not given

PgUp/PgDn or J/K

Move a page up or down


Page left or right


Goto top of current column


Goto line <num> or bottom of current column if num not given


Show file/data information

Insert or m

Memorize this position

Delete or ‘

Return to memorized position (if any)


View full cell contents in pop-up window.




Next search result


Previous search result


Toggle fixed header row

< >

Decrease/Increase column width (all columns)

, .

Decrease/Increase column width (current column)

- +

Decrease/Increase column gap


Sort the table by the current column (ascending)


Sort the table by the current column (descending)


‘Natural Sort’ the table (ascending)


‘Natural Sort’ the table (descending)


Sort numerically by the current column (ascending)


Sort numerically by the current column (descending)


Reload file/data. Also resets sort order


Yank cell contents to the clipboard (requires xsel or xclip)


Toggle variable column width mode (mode/max), or set width to [num]


Maximize current column, or set width to [num]


Skip to (nth) change in row value (backward)


Skip to (nth) change in row value (forward)


Skip to (nth) change in column value (backward)


Skip to (nth) change in column value (forward)

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