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Great data sets for Topological Data Analysis.

Project description

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# TaDAsets Data sets apt for Topological Data Analysis. This project is a part of scikit-tda.

## Motivation

At SoCG 2018, there was discussion about the need for data sets for two main purposes - Benchmarking new algorithms - Demonstrating benefits of TDA

## Data generation

We provide constructors for some synthetic data sets that are popular in development and testing of TDA techniques.

  • Torus

  • Klein Bottle

  • Swiss Roll

## Setup and Usage

You can install from Pypi ` pip install tadasets `

or from source

` git clone cd tadasets pip install -e . `

Examples of usage is

` import tadasets data = tadasets.sphere(n=1000, r=10) tadasets.plot3d(data) `


` import tadasets data = tadasets.swiss_roll(n=1000, r=10) tadasets.plot3d(data) `

## Contributions

This package is in the very early stages of development. As I think of shapes and data sets, I add them. If you have ideas, please do suggest them in an issue and submit a pull request! All contributions are welcome.

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