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Public python module for external API

Project description


Public python module for external API


pip install tagias


python -m pip install tagias


You can find the detailed documentation for our external REST API at the API Reference page


This helper module was designed to simplify the way you are using the external API

# import the tagias api helper classes
from tagias.tagias import TagiasHelper, TagiasError, TagiasTypes, TagiasStatuses

# Replace the test API key with your own private API key
apiKey = 'test'

# Testing the TAGIAS external API methods
    print('Test Start')

    # create tagias helper object
    helper = TagiasHelper(apiKey)

    # create a new package
    newPackage = helper.create_package('Test package', TagiasTypes.Keypoints,
      'Put one point only in the center of the image', None, None,
      '', ['dog.8001.jpg', 'dog.8002.jpg', 'dog.8003.jpg'])
    print('Package {} was created with {} image(s)'.format(newPackage['id'], newPackage['pictures_num']))

        # modify the package's status
        helper.set_package_status(newPackage['id'], TagiasStatuses.STOPPED)
    except TagiasError as e:
        # handle a TagiasError exception
        print('{} package\'s status was NOT modified: {}'.format(newPackage['id'], e.message))

    # get the package's properties
    package = helper.get_package(newPackage['id'])
    print('New package properties:')
    for prop in package:
        print (' * {}: {}'.format(prop, package[prop]))

    # get the list of all your packages
    packages = helper.get_packages()
    for package in packages:
        print(' * {} {} {} {}'.format(package['id'], package['name'], package['status'], package['created']))
        if package['status']==TagiasStatuses.FINISHED:
            # get the package's result if it's already finished
            result = helper.get_result(package['id'])

                # request the package's result to be send to the callback endpoint
            except TagiasError as e:
                # handle a TagiasError exception
                print('{} package\'s result was NOT requested: {}'.format(package['id'], e.message))

    # get current balance and financial operations
    balance = helper.get_balance()
    print('Current balance: {} USD'.format(balance['balance']))
    for op in balance['operations']:
        print(' * {}: {} USD, {}'.format(op['date'], op['amount'], op['note']))

    print('Test End')
except TagiasError as e:
    # handle a TagiasError exception
    print('TagiasError: {} ({})'.format(e.message, e.code))

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