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Tamaas - A high-performance library for periodic rough surface contact

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Tamaas (from تماس meaning “contact” in Arabic and Farsi) is a high-performance rough-surface periodic contact code based on boundary and volume integral equations. The clever mathematical formulation of the underlying numerical methods allows the use of the fast-Fourier Transform, a great help in achieving peak performance: Tamaas is consistently two orders of magnitude faster (and lighter) than traditional FEM! Tamaas is aimed at researchers and practitioners wishing to compute realistic contact solutions for the study of interface phenomena.


This package is intended for ease of installation on x86_64 Linux platforms (and Windows Subsystem for Linux), but comes with NO WARRANTY of compatibility (although it is manylinux2014_x86_64 compliant). If you experience any issue, please install Tamaas from source or with Spack. We provide a Docker image for non-Linux systems (should be suitable for macOS). Note that the version of Tamaas provided by this package is not parallel.

This version of Tamaas is statically linked to FFTW3 developed by Matteo Frigo and Steven G. Johnson, released under the terms of the GNU Public License (source code).

Tamaas is the result of a science research project. To give proper credit to Tamaas and the researchers who have developed the numerical methods that it implements, please cite the JOSS paper, we also provide the function tamaas.utils.publications which lists appropriate citations when called at the end of a script.



  • Numpy


  • Scipy (for non-linear solvers)
  • UVW (for dumpers)
  • h5py (for dumpers)
  • netCDF4 (for dumpers)

To install with all dependencies, run pip install tamaas[all].


Documentation can be found on


The changelog can be consulted here.

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