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tango system cli manager

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A CLI built for Tango system administrators.

tangoctl aims to be to Tango what systemctl is to to systemd.

Actions speak louder than words. Here is a video:

tangoctl in action


  • day to day Tango maintenance
  • help automate ansible, puppet or chef scripts
  • prepare automated test scripts for your own software
  • help write a custom bash completion for your tool


  • server operations:
    • server info
    • tree of servers
    • list of servers
    • register/unregister servers
  • device operations:
    • device info
    • tree of devices
    • list of devices
    • register/unregister devices
    • execute commands
    • command info
    • read and write attributes
    • attribute info
    • read and write properties


pip install it on your favorite python environment:

$ pip install tangoctl

That's it!


# Display tree of servers:
tangoctl server tree

# Display list of devices:
tangoctl device list

# Read 'state' attribute from a device
tangoctl device attribute read -d sys/tg_test/1 -a state

# Execute command Init() on a device
tangoctl device command exec -d sys/tg_test/1 -c init

# Display 'double_spectrum' attribute information
tangoctl device attribute info -d sys/tg_test/1 -a double_spectrum

# Display list of device attributes:
tangoctl device attribute list -d sys/tg_test/1

Writting a custom bash completion for your server

Imagine you have a Tango server called LimaCCDs and you registered two instances in the database, maybe using tangoctl:

tangoctl server add LimaCCDs/basler1 -d id00/limaccds/basler1
tangoctl server add LimaCCDs/pilatus1 -d id00/limaccds/pilatus1

To have bash auto-complete every time you type LimaCCDs [tab] on the command line, place the following lines in a bash script:

# naive tango server autocomplete using tangoctl server ilist
    echo $stype
    COMPREPLY=( $(tangoctl server ilist -t "${stype}" --instance="${sname}*") )
    return 0

complete -F _tango_server_complete Demo

and run it. Next time you type LimaCCDs [tab]] on the bash command line it will offer the existing LimaCCDs instances as completion options:

$ LimaCCDs [tab]
basler1 pilatus1

$ LimaCCDs pil[tab]

Check the bash completion documentation on how to add it permanently to your environment.

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