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Python client library for Tarantool Database

Project description

Python driver for Tarantool 1.6 (python 3)

This package is a pure-python client library for `Tarantool`_.

`Documentation`_ | `Downloads`_ | `PyPI`_ | `GitHub`_ | `Issue tracker`_

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.. _`Downloads`:
.. _`PyPI`:
.. _`GitHub`:
.. _`Issue tracker`:

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Download and Install

The recommended way to install ``tarantool`` package is using PIP

For Tarantool version < 1.6.0 you must get ``0.3.*`` connector version::

$ pip install tarantool\<0.4

For later Tarantool use version ``0.5.*`` connector version::

$ pip install tarantool\>0.4

You can also download zip archive, unpack it and run


$ python install

To install development version of the package using pip

For Tarantool version < 1.6.0 you must get ``stable`` branch::

$ pip install git+

For later Tarantool use ``master`` branch::

$ pip install git+


What is Tarantool?

`Tarantool`_ is a NoSQL database running inside a Lua program. It combines the network programming power of Node.JS with data persistency capabilities of Redis. It's open source, `BSD licensed`_.


* Lua packages for non-blocking I/O, fibers and HTTP
* MsgPack data format and MsgPack based client-server protocol
* Two data engines:
* 100% in-memory with optional persistence
* 2-level disk-based B-tree, to use with large data sets (powered by `Sophia`_)
* secondary key and index iterators support (can be non-unique and composite)
* multiple index types: HASH, BITSET, TREE
* asynchronous master-master replication
* authentication and access control

See More

* `Tarantool Homepage`_
* `Tarantool at Github`_
* `Tarantool User Guide`_
* `Client-server Protocol Specification`_

.. _`Tarantool`:
.. _`Tarantool Database`:
.. _`Tarantool Homepage`:
.. _`Tarantool at Github`:
.. _`Tarantool User Guide`:
.. _`Client-server protocol specification`:
.. _`Sophia`:
.. _`BSD licensed`:

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