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Create named isolated/shared workflow task controls and run the tasks with respective before and after middlewares in ordered manner

Project description


Create named shared / isolated workflow task controls, and run them with respective before/after middlewares

taskcontrol is a python library to create tasks in and based on named workflow controls. It allows middlewares before and after each task. taskcontrol can run single or multiple tasks at a task run invocation.

It provides a simple decorator called workflow that takes the name, task_instance, task_order, shared, before, after arguments to set up the named workflow controls.

It also provides methods to create a plugin and work with tasks as a module and/or pre-created ordered task list.


  • Create Named task controls (tasks) - instance and isolated
  • Allows middlewares before / after each task (data fetch, auth, data save, logging, logout, cleanup, etc)
  • Access read-only contexts and results of middlewares/tasks
  • Allows Merging two instances of task controls with namespace clash handling
  • Run instance, shared, and mix of tasks (individual or all groups)
  • In-Development: Allows creating, registering, and using task controls as a plugin


  • Python

      pip3 install taskcontrol
In Development Version: 1.2.0 (functional - production ready with plugin and concurrency support)
Current Version: 1.2.0 (functional - production ready with most planned features with MVP)
Previous Version: 1.1.0 (functional - not production ready)
Package Link:

Technical Specifications

  • Python 3.x
  • Any OS supporting Python 3.x
Package Dependencies:
  • None
Quick Demo:

demo example -

from taskcontrol import workflow, Tasks

inst = Tasks()

def middleware(ctx, result, k, c, d, **kwargs):
    print("Running my Middleware Function: test - task items", k, c, d, kwargs)

    args=[1, 2],
            "function": middleware,
            "args": [11, 12],
            "kwargs": {"d": "Before Testing message Middleware "},
            "options": {"error": "next", "error_next_value": ""}
            "function": test,
            "args": [13, 14],
            "kwargs": {"d": "After Middleware Testing message"},
            "options": {
                "error": "error_handler",
                "error_next_value": "value",
                "error_handler": lambda err, value: (err, None)
def taskone(ctx, result, a, b):
    print("Running my task function: taskone", a, b)

# Run single task"taskname")

# Run all tasks["1"])
#["taskname", ..., "anothertask"])

Though it may support Python version 2.x. However, it has not been tested in 2.x. The Syntax and Features of the library supports Python version 2.x. Use at your own risk.


Crazy Hint:

You can also create a simple workflow without taskcontrol using a simple list or nested list and loop through them using a for/while loop and invoke them during looping

# Loop the lists below and invoke the functions 
lst = ["f1", "f2", "f3"]
nest_lst = [["f1", "f2"], "f3", "f4", ["f5"]]

# Use a reducer if you want to send args to next function like below
def test(a,b):
    return {"a":a, "b":b}
def tester(a,b):
    return None

kwargs_for_first_function_the_its_returns_or_other_value_for_next_func = {"a":"a", "b":"b"}
ls = [kwargs_for_first_function_the_its_returns_or_other_value_for_next_func, test, tester]
import functools 
def red(kwargs_for_first_then_func, p):
    i = p(kwargs.get("a"), kwargs.get("b"))
    return i
functools.reduce(red, ls)


  • e2e and Unit Tests - Add Tests (Structure of package created - to be cleaned after writing tests)
  • Allow creating and registering a set of task controls as a plugin
  • Add logging system


  • In Active Development (taskcontrol version 1.2.1)




The MIT License (MIT) - See LICENSE for further details

Copyright © 2020 - till library works

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