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A hook to add started task in taskwarrior to jrnl

Project description


Taskwarrior allow annotation of tasks, but I find it less practical than using jrnl to do so. This hook bring together both of this great tools.

This script was inspirated by taskwarrior-time-tracking-hook


Starting a task will automatically pass its description to jrnl. If started task have tags they will be added into the title with corresponding symbol in jrnl (by default, jrnl tags are mark with "@").

$ task list
ID Tags                                  Due              Description       
 1  administration perso     2018-09-21 Pay electricity bill
$ task 1 start

That action will call the hook and run jrnl as a subprocess.

jrnl "Pay electricity bill @administration @perso"

Now, if you look in your jrnl you should see task description added as title with tags from taskwarrior.

jrnl -1
2018-09-21 9h35 Pay electricity bill @administration @perso


pip install taskwarrior-jrnl-hook

Then add the hook to .task/hook folder

mkdir -p ~/.task/hooks
ln -s ~/.local/bin/taskwarrior_jrnl_hook ~/.task/hooks/on-modify.jrnl


By default this hook will look config info in your ~/.taskrc config file. Default options are built in the hook, if you want to change hook behavior put options entry in your taskwarrior config file.

Options :

  1. jrnl name
  2. jrnl configuration
  3. tags
  4. project
  5. filter

jrnl name

Name Default Description
jrnl_name default jnrl name to call

If specify, this hook will use the jrnl name defined in the config, otherwise it will use default as jrnl name.

Personally I write a journal for each month, so I added an option to get month name from started task and use it as jrnl name.

Name Default Description
jrnl_by_month False Use month as jrnl name
language en month's language to output

If set to True hook script will call jrnl for the given month. You can specify language in order to get the right spelling for the month. Month is written in all letters with no capital.

jrnl configuration

Name Default Description
jrnl_config ~/.jrnl_config Path to your jrnl configuration

In order to use correct tags symbol used in your jrnl, the script need to read your jrnl's configuration.


Name Default Description
jrnl_tags True Add tags to jrnl

This option allow you to add taskwarrior tags to your jrnl's title.


Name Default Description
add_project True Add project to jrnl

This option add project name under your title in the body.


Name Default Description
filter_tags None Tasks to be excluded by tags

This option allow you to exclude by tags tasks that you don't want to see in your jrnl.

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