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Expose TastyPie to your client. Nicely.

Project description


Expose TastyPie to your client. Nicely.


Before including this script, make sure that you have included the following
scripts in your document. Without them, this thing is going to misbehave like
you wouldn't believe!

- jQuery
- underscore.js
- backbone.js

Note that I did not introduce any of these dependencies (aside from the obvious
backbone.js dependency). These are all dependencies required by any site using
backbone.js to grab data over AJAX - which is exactly what we need for

How does it work?

TastyBone allows you to easily connect backbone.js to your Django TastyPie
APIs. It can understand all of your resources with a single line - which
looks like this:

bone = new TastyBone.Bone('/api/v1/');

This will connect to the current origin at the URL /api/v1, and it will
use the root URL to find all endpoints which exist on your site. After
these endpoints are found, the bone object will fire a ready event.

So, if you had exposed a User resource at /api/v1/user/ - you could get a
collection of user models as such:

bone = new TastyBone.Bone('/api/v1/');

bone.on('ready', function get_collections() {
users = new bone.collections.UserCollection();

'success': function get_users(response) {
// Hooray! We found our users.
'error': function get_users_error(response) {
console.log('Oh, no! An error!');

Django support

TastyBone is already in pip, and provides a super simple app that will append
tastybone.js and tastybone.min.js to your static files. Simply install
tastybone from pypi with your favorite frontend. Here's how it looks with pip:

pip install tastybone

After this is done installing, append the tastybone module to your

# All of your other awesomely fancy apps here.

Now, (after having run ` collectstatic` if necessary) you should be
able to access *tastybone.js* or *tastybone.min.js* under your STATIC_URL. For
instance, if STATIC_URL is equal to '/static/' then you'd find the script here:

<script src="/static/scripts/tastypie.min.js"></script>

Things that still need done

- Proper authentication/authorization support for TastyPie's built-in types.

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