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Manipulation of temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility data

Project description

This is a small library for working with temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility data measured on AGICO kappabridges from the KLY and MFK series (e.g. Agico, 2003; Agico, 2009).


tdmadsus provides three classes:

Furnace represents the temperature-susceptibility behaviour of the empty furnace (i.e. the measurement apparatus without a sample). It allows a “raw” set of sample measurements to be corrected to remove the effects of the changes in the susceptibility of the equipment itself. A Furnace object is created from a .CUR file produced from a measurement run with no sample. Since measuremed data is frequently noisy, Furnace provides methods for smoothing the data with a spline before it is used for corrections.

MeasurementCycle represents the temperature-susceptibility behaviour of a sample during a single heating-cooling sample. It is initialized from a .CUR file and, optionally, a Furnace object. If a furnace is supplied, it is used to correct the measured sample data. MeasurementCycle provides methods to calculate a disordering (Curie or Néel) temperature using different techniques (Petrovský & Kapička, 2006), calculate the alteration index, and write the data to a CSV file.

MeasurementSet represents the data from a progressive sequence of heating-cooling cycles, which it stores as a dictionary of MeasurementCycle objects indexed by peak temperature. It is initialized from a directory containing multiple .CUR files.


Copyright 2019 Pontus Lurcock; released under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0. See the file COPYING for details.


Agico, 2003. KLY-3 / KLY-3S / CS-3 / CS-L / CS-23 user’s guide, Brno, Czech Republic: Advanced Geoscience Instruments Co.

Agico, 2009. MFK1-FA / CS4 / CSL, MFK1-A / CS4 / CSL, MFK1-FB, MFK1-B user’s guide 4th ed., Brno, Czech Republic: Advanced Geoscience Instruments Co.

Petrovský, E. & Kapička, A., 2006. On determination of the Curie point from thermomagnetic curves. Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, p.B12S27.

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