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Django backend for SQL Server using tds

Project description

SQL Server backend for Django >=3.2

  • django 4
  • django 3.2 (pypi package version 0.1)
  • tested and used with SQL Server 2017 and for version 4.2 with python 3.11 only


  • There is an official package supported by microsoft, microsoft/mssql-django.
  • This package does not need pyodbc nor the microsoft odbc driver, only pytds.
  • This passes about 15000 tests from the django test suite, but I personally use the django ORM in a basic way and don't use most of the features.


  • python-tds

  • optional:

    • bitarray, recommended by python-tds for performance
    • for regex support you need to compile clr/django_clr.cs and install the resulting assembly or read and then run the tds_django/sql/clr.sql script.
    • for date "math" as well as bit-shift operations you need to read and run the tds_django/sql/init.sql script.


  • JSON
  • foreign keys to a nullable field (limitation of SQL Server)
  • feel free to read tds_django/ for more details.
  • queryset iterator with chunk size

Warning If you have used another backend before

  • this one uses uniqueidentifier field for UUIDField while others may have used nvarchar.


For django 4.2 pip install bitarray python-tds tds_django==4.2.0

For django 4.1 pip install bitarray python-tds tds_django==4.1.0

For django 4.0 pip install bitarray python-tds tds_django==4.0.0

For django 3.2 pip install bitarray python-tds tds_django==0.1


    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'tds_django',
        'HOST': 'localhost',
        'PORT': '1433',
        'NAME': '<db_name>',
        'USER': '<db_user>',
        'PASSWORD': '<db_password>',

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