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Creating Telegram Bots Made Simple

Project description

teleasy 2.0.2

Creating Telegram Bots Made Simple

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from teleasy import TelegramBot, UpdateInfo

bot = TelegramBot(<YOUR_TOKEN>)

def on_normal_message(chat: ChatInstance):
    chat.print(f"hello {chat.first_name}")

def input_example(chat: ChatInstance):
    color = chat.input("what's your favorite color?")
    chat.print(f"Your favorite color is {color}")



See Examples-Folder for more


pip install teleasy
pip3 install teleasy
python3 -m pip install teleasy
# Now, you can import the relevant Classes using
from teleasy import TelegramBot, UpdateInfo

# or just do
import teleasy
# and access the classes from the 'teleasy' object directly

see Installation Help (Wiki) for more Help


# first import the relevant classes
from teleasy import TelegramBot, ChatInstance

# create bot object using your token as parameter
bot = TelegramBot(<YOUR_TOKEN>)

# let's define our first message handler that will respond
# to all messages with "Hello, World!"

# tell the bot to use the following function
# when encountering normal messages
def normal_message_handler(chat: ChatInstance):
    # every handler will be passed a custom ChatInstance
    # this object contains information about the message
    # and may be used to get user input
    chat.print("Hello World!")
# handlers are run in parallel using multithreading to enable
# very easy handling of user input

# now we need to start the bot

# and it's ready to go! Feel free to copy this code and try it out


command handlers

# we can also define command handlers:

@bot.on_command("/help") # optional "/" in front of command name
def help_command_handler(chat: ChatInstance):
    chat.print("Welcome to the Help-Function")


user input

# each telegram message handler will be given its own thread to operate in
# this allows us to get user input very easily by doing so:

def dialogue_command_handler(chat: ChatInstance):
    # the chat.input method works like the built-in 'input()' method in python
    color = chat.input("What's your favorite color?")
    food = chat.input("What's your favorite food?")
    chat.print(f"color: {color}\nfood: {food}")



Project is IN PROGRESS


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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