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Python Telegram Bot Api Wrapper.

Project description


Python Telegram Bot API wrapper

What is telegrambotapiwrapper?

telegramapiwrapper is the simplest Telegram Bot Api wrapper for Python among existing wrappers.


Python 3.7


pip install telegrambotapiwrapper

Getting started.

Создание бота

Вы должны создать бота и получить токен

Testing your bot's auth token

Воспользуемся методом getMe

>>> from telegrambotapiwrapper.wrapper import Api
>>> bot_api = Api(token="<paste here your token>")
>>> me = bot_api.get_me()
>>> me
User(id=123456679, is_bot=True, first_name='botbotbot', last_name=None, username='myrudatingposterbot', language_code=None)
>>> from telegrambotapiwrapper.typelib import User
>>> isinstance(me, User)

Sending text message

Sending audio file


Writing first bot

from telegrambotapiwrapper.wrapper import Api
from telegrambotapiwrapper.typelib import User

TOKEN = "<past_your_bot_api_token>"

bot_api = Api(token=TOKEN)
me = bot_api.get_me()
print("me: {}".format(me))
print("isinstance(me, User): {}".format(isinstance(me, User)))  # see type of result


(venv) dzmitry@mycomp:~$ python3 
me: User(id=123456789, is_bot=True, first_name='myrfffrbot', last_name=None, username='myrfffrbot', language_code=None)
isinstance(me, User): True
(venv) dzmitry@mycomp:~$


Setting webhook

Sending message

Sending file

Using proxies


MIT License Copyright (c) 2019 Dzmitry Maliuzhenets

See LICENSE for details.

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