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Telenor NB-IoT client

Project description

# nbiot-python

NBIoT-Python provides a Python client for the REST API for Telenor NB-IoT.

## Configuration

The configuration file is located at `${HOME}/.telenor-nbiot`. The file is a simple
list of key/value pairs. Additional values are ignored. Comments must start
with a `#`:

# This is the URL of the Telenor NB-IoT REST API. The default value is
# and can usually be omitted.

# This is the API token. Create new token by logging in to the Telenor NB-IoT
# front-end at and create a new token there.
token=<your api token goes here>

The configuration file settings can be overridden by setting the environment
variables `TELENOR_NBIOT_ADDRESS` and `TELENOR_NBIOT_TOKEN`. If you only use environment variables
the configuration file can be ignored. Finally, there is a Client constructor that
accepts the address and token directly.

## Updating resources

The various `Client.update*` methods work via HTTP PATCH, which means they will only modify or set fields, not delete them. There are special `Client.delete*tag` methods for deleting tags.

# Sample code

from nbiot import nbiot

client = nbiot.Client()
stream = await client.collection_output_stream('<YOUR_COLLECTION_ID>')
while True:
msg = await stream.recv()
except nbiot.OutputStreamClosed:

# Development

Development is done using [Pipenv]( Run `pipenv sync --dev` to install all dependencies.

Because Python has not properly solved dependency management yet, dependencies must be be repeated in []( under the `install_requires` entry.

## Testing

Tests are written using [pytest]( Run `pipenv run pytest` to run all the tests.

## Deployment

To build and upload a new version to PyPI, make sure that you are using Python 3 and run

python sdist
python bdist_wheel
twine upload dist/* # `pip install twine` to get this tool

Project details

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telenor_nbiot-0.3-py3-none-any.whl (10.2 kB view hashes)

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