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Python driver for H2O Q / Telesync Realtime Apps

Project description

Telesync is a lightweight library for programming interactive web applications entirely in Python (no HTML/Javascript/CSS) required.

It is designed to make it fast, fun and easy to build low-latency, realtime, collaborative, web-based applications. It ships batteries-included with a suite of form and data visualization components for rapidly prototyping analytical and decision-support applications.

Telesync’s components work in conjunction with the Telesync relay server that facilitates realtime state synchronization between Python and web browsers.

The Telesync relay server is built into Q for enterprise-grade hosting.


Install and update using pip:

pip install -U telesync

Hello world

from telesync import site, ui

# Access the web page at http://localhost:55555/demo
page = site['/demo']

# Add some content.
page['example'] = ui.markdown_card(
  box='1 1 2 2',
  title='Hello World!',
  content='And now for something completely different.',

# Save the page


$ python

Change Log

  • v0.1.0
    • Added
      • Example for displaying iframe content > 2MB.

      • Example for plotting using matplotlib.

      • Example for plotting using Altair.

      • Example for plotting using Vega.

      • Example for plotting using Bokeh.

      • Example for plotting using custom D3.js Javascript.

      • Example for live dashboard with stats cards.

      • Example for master-detail user interfaces using ui.table().

      • Example for authoring multi-step wizard user interfaces.

      • Unload API: q.unload() to delete uploaded files.

  • v0.0.7
    • Added
      • Download API:

      • Vega-lite support: ui.vega_card().

      • Context menu support to all cards.

      • refresh attribute on meta_card allows static pages to stop receiving live updates.

      • Passing -debug when starting server displays site stats at /_d/site.

      • Drag and drop support for file upload component.

      • Template expression support for markdown cards.

      • All APIs and examples documented.

      • All 110 examples now ship with the Sphinx documentation.

      • Documentation now ships with release download.

    • Changed
      • API consistency: ui.vis() renamed to ui.plot().

      • All stats cards now have descriptive names.

      • API consistency: ui.mark.mark renamed to ui.mark.type.

      • API consistency: page.sync() and page.push() renamed to

    • Removed
      • ui.dashboard_card() and ui.notebook_card().

  • v0.0.6
    • Added
      • Log network traffic when logging is set to debug mode.

      • Capture and display unhandled exceptions on the UI.

      • Routing using location hash.

      • Toolbar component.

      • Tabs component.

      • Nav component.

      • Upload API: q.upload().

    • Changed
      • q.session renamed to q.user

  • v0.0.5
    • Added
      • Add configure() API to configure environment before launching.

  • v0.0.4
    • Added
      • Multi-user and multi-client support: launch apps in multicast or unicast modes in addition to broadcast mode.

      • Client-specific data can now be stored and accessed via q.client, similar to q.session and

      • Simpler page referencing: import site can be used instead of site = Site().

    • Changed
      • Apps now lauch in unicast mode by default instead of broadcast mode.

  • v0.0.3
    • Added
      • Make Expando data structure available for apps.

  • v0.0.2
    • Initial version

  • v0.0.1
    • Package stub

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