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Templer system extensions for plone add-on development

Project description


This package extends the functionality of the templer code generation system. It builds upon the functionality of templer.core, templer.buildout and templer.zope, and depends on those packages. This package provides basic support for creating plone add-ons. Included are templates for basic plone packages, nested namespace plone packages and archetypes plone packages.

Primary Documentation for the templer code generation system may be found in the Templer Manual on Read The Docs.

Creating Packages

As with the parent package, templer.core, creating packages using templer.plone templates is accomplished by using the templer script. The script is invoked thus:

templer plone_basic

This will create a basic plone package skeleton.

Migration from ZopeSkel

Templer cannot coexist with ZopeSkel before version 3.0 in the same buildout or Python virtualenv. If you have previously installed ZopeSkel 2.x in your environment, uninstall it completely before using templer-based packages or ZopeSkel 3.

Otherwise you will encounter the following error when trying to create packages:

IOError: No egg-info directory found (looked in ./mycompany.content/./mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/, ./mycompany.content/buildout.cfg/mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/CHANGES.txt/mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/CONTRIBUTORS.txt/mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/docs/mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/, ./mycompany.content/mycompany/mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/Paste-, ./mycompany.content/PasteDeploy-1.5.0-py2.6.egg/mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/PasteScript-1.7.5-py2.6.egg/mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/README.txt/mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/setup.cfg/mycompany.content.egg-info, ./mycompany.content/, ./mycompany.content/src/mycompany.content.egg-info)

Before start using Templer

  • Remove ZopeSkel references in buildout.cfg

  • rm -rf eggs/ZopeSkel*

Other Functions

The templer script provides a number of other functions, these are described in full on the index page for templer.core at PyPI

Source code and issue tracking


  • Cris Ewing, original author

  • Josh Johnson

  • David Ray

Based on code from zopeskel, contributors to which include:

  • Daniel Nouri

  • Tarek Ziadé

  • Mustapha Benali

  • Sylvain Viollon

  • Alan Hoey

  • Josh Johnson

  • Emanuel Sartor

  • Matthew Wilkes

  • Joel Burton

  • Cris Ewing

  • Chris Calloway

  • Chris Rossi


1.0b2 September 16, 2012

  • Improve infrastructure created for testing plone packages [gotcha]

  • Add a buildout to the package to ease development of templer.plone [gotcha]

  • Improve README with links to source and tracker and compatibility warning about ZopeSkel 2.x [miohtama]

  • More package classifiers are included by default [hvelarde]

  • Development buildout extends test-4.x.cfg instead of plone-4.1.x.cfg; test part uses better default options [hvelarde]

1.0b1 - May 20, 2012

  • Re-establish localcommand support for the archetype and plone templates [cewing]

  • Add support for optional localcommands [cewing]

  • Create new nested namespace plone package template, like zopeskel’s old plone_app template [cewing]

  • Improve the consistency of messaging across templates [cewing]

1.0a1 - October 7, 2011

  • Ported archetype template and doctests from zopeskel [jjmojojjmojo]

  • Ported basic plone template and doctests from zopeskel [cewing]

  • Package created using templer [cewing]

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