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Neural Network Toolbox on TensorFlow

Project description


Tensorpack is a neural network training interface based on TensorFlow.

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## Features:

It's Yet Another TF high-level API, with __speed__, __readability__ and __flexibility__ built together.

1. Focus on __training speed__.
+ Speed comes for free with Tensorpack -- it uses TensorFlow in the __efficient way__ with no extra overhead.
On common CNNs, it runs training [1.2~5x faster]( than the equivalent Keras code.

+ Data-parallel multi-GPU/distributed training strategy is off-the-shelf to use.
It scales as well as Google's [official benchmark](

+ See [tensorpack/benchmarks]( for
some benchmark scripts.

2. Focus on __large datasets__.
+ [You don't usually need ``](
Symbolic programming often makes data processing harder.
Tensorpack helps you efficiently process large datasets (e.g. ImageNet) in __pure Python__ with autoparallelization.

3. It's not a model wrapper.
+ There are too many symbolic function wrappers in the world. Tensorpack includes only a few common models.
But you can use any symbolic function library inside Tensorpack, including tf.layers/Keras/slim/tflearn/tensorlayer/....

See [tutorials]( to know more about these features.

## [Examples](examples):

We refuse toy examples.
Instead of showing you 10 arbitrary networks trained on toy datasets,
[Tensorpack examples](examples) faithfully replicate papers and care about reproducing numbers,
demonstrating its flexibility for actual research.

### Vision:
+ [Train ResNet](examples/ResNet) and [other models](examples/ImageNetModels) on ImageNet.
+ [Train Faster-RCNN / Mask-RCNN on COCO object detection](examples/FasterRCNN)
+ [Generative Adversarial Network(GAN) variants](examples/GAN), including DCGAN, InfoGAN, Conditional GAN, WGAN, BEGAN, DiscoGAN, Image to Image, CycleGAN.
+ [DoReFa-Net: train binary / low-bitwidth CNN on ImageNet](examples/DoReFa-Net)
+ [Fully-convolutional Network for Holistically-Nested Edge Detection(HED)](examples/HED)
+ [Spatial Transformer Networks on MNIST addition](examples/SpatialTransformer)
+ [Visualize CNN saliency maps](examples/Saliency)
+ [Similarity learning on MNIST](examples/SimilarityLearning)

### Reinforcement Learning:
+ [Deep Q-Network(DQN) variants on Atari games](examples/DeepQNetwork), including DQN, DoubleDQN, DuelingDQN.
+ [Asynchronous Advantage Actor-Critic(A3C) with demos on OpenAI Gym](examples/A3C-Gym)

### Speech / NLP:
+ [LSTM-CTC for speech recognition](examples/CTC-TIMIT)
+ [char-rnn for fun](examples/Char-RNN)
+ [LSTM language model on PennTreebank](examples/PennTreebank)

## Install:


+ Python 2.7 or 3.3+. Python 2.7 is supported until [it retires in 2020](
+ Python bindings for OpenCV (Optional, but required by a lot of features)
+ TensorFlow >= 1.3. (If you only want to use `tensorpack.dataflow` alone as a data processing library, TensorFlow is not needed)
pip install --upgrade git+
# or add `--user` to avoid system-wide installation.

## Citing Tensorpack:

If you use Tensorpack in your research or wish to refer to the examples, please cite with:
author={Wu, Yuxin and others},

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