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TensorX is an open source library to build deep neural network models

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TensorX is a high-level deep neural network library written in Python that simplifies model specification, training, and execution using TensorFlow. It was designed for fast prototyping with minimum verbose and provides a set of modular components with a user-centric consistent API.

Design Philosophy

TensorX aims to be simple but sophisticated without a code base plagued by unnecessary abstractions and over-engineering and without sacrificing performance. It uses Tensorflow without hiding it completely behind a new namespace, it's mean to be a complement instead of a complete abstraction. The design mixes functional dataflow computation graphs with object-oriented neural network layer building blocks that are easy to add to and extend.

Feature Summary

  • Neural Network layer building blocks like Input, Linear, Lookup;
  • New TensorFlow ops: gumbel_top, logit, sinkhorn, etc;
  • Graph Utils: allow for validation and compilation of layer graphs;
  • Model Class: for easy inference, training, and evaluation;
  • Training Loop: easily customizable with a Callback system;


TensorX is written in pure python but depends on Tensorflow, which needs to be installed from the tensorflow package. The reason for this is that you might want to install Tensorflow builds optimized for your machine (see these). Additionally, TensorX has optional dependencies like matplotlib or pygraphviz for certain functionality.

Pip installation

Install using pip with the following commands:

pip install tensorflow 
pip install tensorx

For more details about the installation, check the documentation.

Test your installation

import tensorflow as tf
import tensorx as tx


For details about TensorX API, tutorials, and other documentation, see You can help by trying the project out, reporting bugs, suggest features, and by letting me know what you think. If you want to help, please read the contribution guide.



Apache License 2.0

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