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A terminal based leetcode website viewer

Project description


Terminal-Leetcode is a terminal based leetcode website viewer.
This project is inspired by RTV.

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March 22th Update

Add code submit function.

After finishing your code, press s at quiz detail view to submit your code to leetcode.

Add company tag support.

You can company tag to terminal-leetcode home view column. The tag file is in JSON format which can be easily
edit and share. You can find tag file of Facebook from tags directory.



Install with pip

 $ pip3 install terminal-leetcode

Clone the repository

 $ git clone  
 $ cd terminal-leetcode  
 $ sudo python install  

For Ubuntu

Need to install lxml dependencies first on Ubuntu.

apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev python-dev


To run the program, input leetcode in terminal

 $ leetcode


Option 1

This option will get your cookies from your browser and use those for any requests agains leetcode website. So you need to sign in your account from your browser first. There may be some limitations, please refer to pycookiecheat for its documentation

On Mac for the first time use, it will pop up a window and ask to input password of your computer.

Option 2 (No longer available)

To login you need to create a config.cfg file in folder ~/.config/leetcode.
Input your username and password in config.cfg as:


Then restart this program.

Programming Language

You can set your programming language in config.cfg as:


to see default sample code in quiz detail view in your favorite language.
Please make sure to use Leetcode supported programming languages and use the string exactly the same as it appears in Leetcode.


You can customize your "Tag" column by adding a json file named tag.json into ~/.config/leetcode folder.
The format of tag.json is showed below:

  "1" : ["F", "G"],
  "10" : ["F"],

By adding this file, quiz 1 will have a "F" and "G" tag and quiz 10 will have a "F" tag.
You can use this feature to add company tag on quizzes.
I have added a "F" tag sample file in "tags" folder. You could try this file to see all "F" tag quizzes.

Writing Code

Terminal-Leetcode allows you to open editor to edit default code you are viewing.
You can set your code editing settings in config.cfg as:

ext=java # file extention
path=~/program/leetcode # code file directory

Then when you are in quiz detail view, press e to open editor to edit code sample.
Code sample is saved into directory you set in config.cfg automatically with file name combined with quiz id and file extension you set.
Default editor is vim, you can set export EDITOR=*** to change editor. You can refer to this article to use Sublime Text as command line editor.

Tmux Support

If you're using Terminal-Leetcode inside of a tmux session, when you press e, current tmux window will be splitted vertically and an editor is opened inside the new created tmux pane. This feature could be turned on and off by config option in config.cfg as:


Note that when you press e in detail view, all other panes in current tmux window except for the detail pane will be closed before the new edit pane is created, so that you can edit solution for another problem seamlessly without manually exiting vim and closing the edit pane.

Code Snippet

Two code snippets can be used when creating code file.
You can create files before and after in ~/.config/leetcode/snippet. Code snippet in before will be placed at the beginning of the code file. Code snippet in file after will be placed at the end of the code file.
Like in C++, write

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

using namespace std;

in file before and

int main() {
    Solution s;

in file after, then you can view code of quiz (take quiz 123 for example) as:

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

using namespace std;

class Solution {
    int maxProfit(vector<int>& prices) {

int main() {
    Solution s;

It becomes much easier to write your solution code and then test your solution.

C++ Specific

  • If you don't set language in config.cfg, default language is C++.
  • If you set C++ as your programming language, when you open editor, a Makefile is created automatically, so after you finish the code, you can use make directly to compile your code.


  • Press H to see help information.
  • Press up and down to go through quiz list.
  • Press enter or right to see a quiz detail, and press left to go back.
  • Press R in quiz list view to retrieve quiz from website.
  • Press PageUp or PageDown to go to prev or next page.
  • Press Home or End to go to the first or last quiz.
  • Press f in quiz list view to search quiz by id or title.
  • Press n in quiz list view to search next quiz with search text input before.
    In quiz detail view, press n will always create a new sample code file.
  • Press t in quiz list view to add tag for quiz.
  • Press e in quiz detail view to open editor to edit code.
  • Press d in quiz detail view to open discussion page in web browser.
  • Press S in quiz detail view to open solutions page in web browser.
  • Press s in quiz detail view to submit your code.
  • Press 1 in quiz list view to sort quiz list by id.
  • Press 2 in quiz list view to sort quiz list by title.
  • Press 3 in quiz list view to sort quiz list by acceptance.
  • Press 4 in quiz list view to sort quiz list by difficulty.
    Vim's moving keys h, j, k, l, ctrl+f, ctrl+b are supported.


  • Test
  • Submit code
  • User login
  • Quiz list sort
  • Install with pip
  • Get quiz default code interface


All kinds of contributions are welcome.



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