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Applicative to draw images interactively on the posix terminal

Project description

terminedia paint

Interactive app to create ASCII-art and Unicode art in an interactive way directly from the terminal

draft screenshot

This is very early work, but already allows on to have some fun. To install: pip install --user terminedia-paint

To install development version: pip install --user git+ && terminedia-paint

(--user can be omitted if you have an active virtual environment)

(install will pull along a suitable version of the terminedia Unicode Art framework

Currently it works on Linux, Mac and other Posix software - there might be some limited functionality under windows (no mouse suport yet though). It might work fine under WSL2.

This is in very ealy stage - the main idea is to enable people to create text-art in by using terminedia's capabilities, without having to resort to Python programming.

This is also set as a demonstration project for terminedia:

How to run: pip install the main branch directly with and run "terminedia-paint" on the terminal.

Saving and exporting

: the file extension one use to save a file will determine the file type: if the ".snapshot" suffix is used, it is a reloadable internal format, that can be loaded back with "insert image". (Load occurs at cursor position). Other supported formats are "HTML": a hard-coded HTML with characters using inline-style for positioning and color, and "ANSI" (the default file format): a text file which will be correctly displayed in the terminal when printed (e.g. with the cat command)

The typing tool

The on-screen display has no help to the "typing tool" (entered by pressing "t" on the app screen): the software pointer will be shut down, and arrow keys won't move it (but the mouse will). start typing to enter text directly on the image, press one of the arrow keys to change text direction at any point.

This is the "line" typing mode. There is also the "path" typing mode:

In the typing tool, click on any sequence of full block characters, and begin typing: all characters typed will follow the line (or area, in an exquisite way), of full blocks.

Press to leave the typing tool and return to painting.

Project details

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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terminedia_paint-0.1.0.tar.gz (57.1 kB view hashes)

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