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Terminal Bootstrap - A Python css file for unicode text formatting in python console output

Project description


a css file (Bootstrap like) for unicode text formatting in python console output :)


Install it using pip: pip install termstrap

Import in your code: import css or from css import Bootstrap, printc.

Create an object: text = Bootstrap()

Use as: text.colorize(<string>, <color>) or text.stylize(<string>, < b / i / u >) or text.start_block(<color>, <formatter>)

Accessible functions/methods

Simple ones :

  • colorize() : Takes a text, font color(optional) and bgcolor(optional).
  • stylize() : Takes a text, style name (bold, italics, underline and blink). Passing only initials work (e.g. 'b' for bold). You can pass multiple styles simultaneously.

INFO : blink is experimental, if it doesn't work, it does not break anything! Therefore no shorthand for it!

Lil advanced ones:

  • get_color() : Takes name of a font color and returns its color code
  • get_bgcolor() : Takes name of a background color and returns its color code
  • new_color(): Takes a color name and color code. Can be used to add a new custom font color entry
  • new_bgcolor(): Takes a color name and color code. Can be used to add a new custom background color entry

WARNING : Only use new_color() or new_bgcolor() if you know what you are doing!

Accessible Variables

All colors can be accessed by the class instance. Overwriting them will/may break functionality.

  • Color variables: Bootstrap names - primary, danger, warning, etc.
  • Background color variables: bg_primary, bg_danger, bg_warning, etc.
  • Style variables: bold, italics, underline, selected, blink

More Utility Functions


  • printc: Like standard print(). Except: Does not have flush and file params. Have color param, takes name of the color. style param, takes a list or tuple of all styles. bgcolor param, takes name of the bgcolor!
  • hide_cursor: Hides cursor in the console
  • show_cursor: Restores cursor visibility.


    from css import  Bootstrap, printc # make sure you have downloaded the file in the same folder/directory
    text = Bootstrap()

    # Using colorize to color
    print(text.colorize("THIS IS RED", "red")) # You can also use Bootstrap classes, eg. danger
    print(text.colorize("THIS IS blue", "primary")) # blue will also work.

    # Using stylize to format text- bold(b), italics(i), underline(u), selected(s), blink
    print(text.stylize("A BOLD move", "bold")) # b also works in place of bold
    print(text.stylize("Slightly slanted", "i"))
    print(text.stylize("More the merrier", 'b', 'u', 's', 'i'))

    # You can also combine colors and formats:
    print(text.stylize(text.colorize("This is bold in red"), 'b'))

    # Change color for multiple lines if needed!
    text.start_block('red', bold=True)
    # Any text in this clock will be printed in RED, and BOLD by default

    # Using the printc
    printc("RED text in *BOLD*", color='red', style=('b'))
    printc("[1,2,3,4]", color='warning', style=('b', 'u'), sep='***') # yellow text, styled bold and underlined, seperated by - ***
    printc("a", "b", "cdf", color="primary", end='') # print multiple strings and specify end param as none, ie. no newline at end!

IMPORTANT: Info is not the same color as bootstrap info, its violet!


  1. Style - blink DOES NOT work in most cases.
  2. Windows cmd only supports color in windows 10 (v1511 onwards)!


This stackoverflow was the inspiration for this project.

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