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Module to easily convert Bind9 (named) zones into Terraform CloudFlare provider records definitions

Project description


Python module and tool to easily convert Bind9 (named) zones into Terraform CloudFlare provider records definitions.

This module parses Bind9 (named) zone file and generates Terraform code with CloudFlare resources definitions.

To make the result code organized, code separated based on DNS records types.



The simplest way to install the module is to use PIP:

pip install terraform-named-cloudflare


To install the module from sources, just clone the repository and install the module:

git clone
cd terraform-named-cloudflare
python3 install


Example usage scenario is the next:

terraform-named-cloudflare \
    --file <NAMED_ZONE_FILE> \
    --zone-id <CLOUDFLARE_ZONE_ID> \
    --zone-name <CLOUDFLARE_ZONE_NAME>


  • NAMED_ZONE_FILE - the absolute or relative path to zone file in Bind9 (named) format.
  • CLOUDFLARE_ZONE_ID - the optional CloudFlare zone ID (can be found in CloudFlare WEB interface).
  • CLOUDFLARE_ZONE_NAME - the optional CloudFlare zone name (the same as domain name).

Since not all records need to be converted in Terraform code, the script ignores some of them and just prints ignored records to standard output to provide ability review them and add manually.


There are no specific requirements except a few weel-known and widelly used Python modules listed in the requirements.txt and automatically installed with module.


The module does not understand DNS RRD records and always will create only one resource with the same name. The rest will be ignored and printed to standard output for review and manual changes in Terraform code.

Supported DNS records types

Currently this module supports the next types of DNS records:

  • A
  • AAAA
  • MX
  • SRV
  • TXT

Other types of DNS records can be added based on the need. Also, contrinutions are always welcome.

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