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Python program to merge video files created by Tesla dashcam

Project description

Python program that provides an easy method to merge saved Tesla Dashcam footage into a single video.

When saving Tesla Dashcam footage a folder is created on the USB drive and within it multiple MP4 video files are created. Currently the dashcam leverages three (3) cameras (front, left repeater, and right repeater) and will create a file for each of them. Every minute is stored into a seperate file as well. This means that when saving dashcam footage there is a total of 30 files video files.

Using this Python program, one can combine all of these into 1 video file. The video of the three cameras is merged into one picture, with the video for all the minutes further put together into one.

This is not limited to just the saved 10 minute footage. One can combine video files of different times footage was saved into one folder and then run this program to have to all combined into one movie.


The video files for the same minute between the 3 cameras are not always the same length. If there is a difference in their duration then a black screen will be shown for the camera which video ended before the others (within the minute). It is thus possible within a video to see a black screen for one of the cameras, and then when that minute has passed for it to show video again.

The date and time shown within the video comes from the timestamp embedded in the saved videos themselves, not from the filename. This is also why, for example, it might start at 16:42:35 and not 16:42:00 (as shown in the video examples). This ensures that the time shown is as accurate as Tesla is providing it. Current caveat however is that the order for concatenating all the videos together is based on filename. (See TODO)


This package relies on ffmpeg to be installed, this is a free, open source cross-platform solution to convert video. It has to be downloaded and installed separately.

Python 3.5 or higher is also required.


This package is available from pypi. Installing it from there will ensure other package requirements (except ffmpeg) are installed as well.

Install from pypi is done through:

pip install tesla_dashcam


tesla_dashcam - Tesla DashCam Creator

usage:  [-h] --source SOURCE --output OUTPUT
    [--compression {ultrafast,superfast,veryfast,faster,fast,medium,slow,slower,veryslow}]
    [--encoding {x264,x265}] [--timestamp] [--no-timestamp]
    [--ffmpeg FFMPEG] [--font FONT]

tesla_dashcam - Tesla DashCam Creator

required arguments:
  --source SOURCE       Folder containing the saved camera files (default:

  --output OUTPUT       Path/Filename for the new movie file. (default: None)

optional arguments:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

                        Layout of the video. Widescreen puts video of all 3
                        cameras next to each other. Fullscreen puts the front
                        camera on top in middle and side cameras below it next
                        to each other (default: WIDESCREEN)

                        Define the quality setting for the video, higher
                        quality means bigger file size but might not be
                        noticeable. (default: LOWER)

  --compression {ultrafast,superfast,veryfast,faster,fast,medium,slow,slower,veryslow}
                        Speed to optimize video. Faster speed results in a
                        bigger file. This does not impact the quality of the
                        video, just how much time is used to compress it.
                        (default: medium)

  --encoding {x264,x265}
                        Encoding to use. x264 is can be viewed on more devices
                        but results in bigger file. x265 is newer encoding
                        standard (default: x264)

  --timestamp           Include timestamp in video (default)
  --no-timestamp        Do not include timestamp in video

  --ffmpeg FFMPEG       Path and filename for ffmpeg. Specify if ffmpeg is not
                        within path. (default: ffmpeg)

  --font FONT           Fully qualified filename (.ttf) to the font to be
                        chosen for timestamp. (default:


WIDESCREEN: Resolution: 1920x480 Video example:

| Left Camera   | Front Camera   | Right Camera  |

FULLSCREEN: Resolution: 1280x960 Video example:

|           Front Camera         |
| Left Camera   |  Right Camera  |


To show help:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam -h

Using defaults:

  • Windows:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source c:\Tesla\2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output c:\Tesla\my_dashcam.mp4
  • Mac:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source /Users/me/Desktop/Tesla/2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output /Users/me/Desktop/my_dashcam.mp4

Without timestamp:

  • Windows:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source c:\Tesla\2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output c:\Tesla\my_dashcam.mp4 --no-timestamp
  • Mac:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source /Users/me/Desktop/Tesla/2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output /Users/me/Desktop/my_dashcam.mp4 --no-timestamp

Layout so front is shown top middle with side cameras below it (FULLSCREEN):

  • Windows:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source c:\Tesla\2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output c:\Tesla\my_dashcam.mp4 --layout FULLSCREEN
  • Mac:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source /Users/me/Desktop/Tesla/2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output /Users/me/Desktop/my_dashcam.mp4 --layout FULLSCREEN

Specify location of ffmpeg binay (in case ffmpeg is not in path):

  • Windows:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source c:\Tesla\2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output c:\Tesla\my_dashcam.mp4 --ffmpeg c:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe
  • Mac:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source /Users/me/Desktop/Tesla/2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output /Users/me/Desktop/my_dashcam.mp4 --ffmpeg /Applications/ffmpeg

Layout of FULLSCREEN with a different font for timestamp and path for ffmpeg:

  • Windows: Note how to specify the path, : and needs to be escaped by putting a in front of them.

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source c:\Tesla\2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output c:\Tesla\my_dashcam.mp4 --layout FULLSCREEN --ffmpeg c:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe --font "C\:\\Windows\\Fonts\\Courier New.ttf"
  • Mac:

python3 -m tesla_dashcam --source /Users/me/Desktop/Tesla/2019-02-27_14-02-03 --output /Users/me/Desktop/my_dashcam.mp4 --layout FULLSCREEN --ffmpeg /Applications/ffmpeg --font '/Library/Fonts/Courier New.ttf'


There is no official support nor should there be any expectation for support to be provided. As per license this is provided As-Is. However, any issues or requests can be reported on GitHub.

Release Notes

0.1.1. Initial Release


  • Option to specify resolutions as an argument

  • Option for end-user layout

  • Use timestamp in video to determine order instead of file name

  • Use timestamp in video to ensure full synchronization between the 3 cameras

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