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a tool for creating a skeleton for Python unit tests based on source code

Project description

# test-skeleton

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A tool for creating a skeleton for Python unit tests based on source code.

Basically, this is a tool for non-TDD development. Use TDD if possible.

A potential use case for this tool could e.g. a legacy project which lacks tests.

## Usage
python -m test_skeleton path/to/your/

The result will be printed to std out. If you want to store it into a file, use `--save` flag. The result will be stored into test_<original_filename> in your current working directory.

## Example

class Klass(object):
klass_var = ''

def __init__(self):
self.a = ''

def property1(self):

def klassmethod1(cls):

def method_with_under_scores(self):

def helper_function1():

class TestKlass:
class TestProperty1:
def test_TODO(self):

class TestKlassmethod1:
def test_TODO(self):

class TestMethodWithUnderScores:
def test_TODO(self):

class TestHelperFunction1:
def test_TODO(self):


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