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Techcombine frameworl for ecommerce

Project description


Installation for everyone

$pip install techcombine

Installation for Developer

$pip install techcombine[dev]

Now you can test this package by using pytest or pytest direstory/, For example

# or
$pytest .\techcombine\tests\

Installation from sources

(env)$python install


class LINENotify

Make webhook to Line Notify from your server
return: request

from techcombine.utils import generate_notify_data
LINENotify.notify_hook(subtitle, data=None: dict, **kwargs)

# When you use this method you need to defind variable in django.conf settings
LINE_NOTIFY_TOKEN = some sting + 'access_token'

# Data example
data = {
  "Order ID": order.slug,
  "first_name": order.first_name,
  "phone_number": order.phone_number,
  "created_at": order.created_at,
} # Or use generate_notify_data(ojb)


  • subtitle: (str) Is subtitle of data hook to line notify chat
  • data: (default=None/DictType only) Is dict of your all data to show in mail
  • Or using **dict

Generate dict data from django models object. return: dict data format for using in notify_hook()

from techcombine.utils import generate_notify_data
data = generate_notify_data(ojb, key_type="id", header=None)


  • obj: (Django models object) field[' or obj.slug', 'name', 'email', 'created_at', 'url'] #if header=None: data will doesn't have url field
  • key_type: (str) Type of object key from ID or Slug
  • header: (str) For fill link url of object

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